Emu Furniture – A Unique Style That Combines Rigor and Softness

Emu Furniture

Emu Furniture is a unique style that combines rigor and softness into a single piece. The materials used in emu furniture are metal and synthetic. This unique style is a perfect match for a rustic, country style interior. Emu furniture is available in many different finishes. The natural wood finish is particularly popular.


The Snooze on Emu Furniture is a classic deckchair with generous dimensions and a flattering curve. It’s a perfect place to curl up and unwind in the backyard, in a garden or on the beach. You can even purchase an indoor version of this iconic chair.

The Emu Snooze deckchair is a lightweight deck chair made from powder-coated steel. Its fabric cover is made of specially developed Emu -Tex fabric, which is UV resistant and temperature resistant. The chair folds flat for easy storage and is also available in other colours.

The Snooze reclining chair features a deep, comfortable seat and a simple armrest adjustment mechanism. This chair can be used indoors or outdoors, and is available in two sizes. The tubular steel frame and Emu-Tex fabric allow the armrests to be easily adjusted for a variety of positions. The fabric is also easy to maintain, and you can wash it in soap and water.

The Snooze deck chair has a powder-coated steel frame and a weatherproof emu Tex fabric. The Snooze is available in different colours, making it an ideal outdoor accessory.


Emu’s Terramare lounge chair is a striking and functional garden chair that blends innovative material combinations with generous proportions. Its aluminium frame is finished in a durable powder coating to add an extra layer of protection against the elements. It is available in two sizes and a range of fabrics. These fabrics are specially selected for outdoor use, and feature waterproof and fast-drying properties.

The design of this collection is inspired by the natural forms and proportions of the natural environment, and the whole family of pieces is crafted with a natural, organic feel. The collection also features die-cast aluminium articulation that evokes the system of jointed reed stems. The tables can be fixed or extendable and the armchairs feature elegant, clean lines and leatherette backrests. The collection’s materials are also innovative, featuring stoneware and aluminium countertop options as well as water-repellent outdoor fabrics.

Emu’s Terramare collection was inspired by the simple design of cane and canvas furniture. Designed by Studio Chiaramonte/Marin, the EMU Terramare series combines essential lines with organic shapes to create a contemporary outdoor aesthetic. The collection also features porcelain stoneware and die-cast aluminum.


The Cannole is a modular corner garden sofa with a fabric cover. Its frame is made of internally and externally galvanized steel tubes. Its seat is a galvanized rod grid welded to the rod frame, and the legs are made of tubular steel. This outdoor furniture set is perfect for any outdoor living area. It comes in two-seater versions as well as in a large composition, so you can place it anywhere. In addition to the sofa, the collection also includes a low armchair and a low table. It is a modular design that can be placed in a private garden or poolside. Its cushions are made of polyurethane rubber and wrapped in a polyester fiber resin. The cushion covers are protected by a waterproof polyamide pillowcase.

The Cannole is also available in a chair version that is inspired by the concept of hand-knitting. The rib knit chair also follows the thickened regularity of the cannole and adds comfort to the seat. This chair can also be used in a variety of settings, and has adjustable cushions for comfort. Because it has modular elements, it is easy to assemble several compositions with the Cannole.

Snooze by Chiaramonte/ Marin studio

The Snooze is a funky interpretation of a classic deck chair. It features a steel tubular frame that is joined by plastic components. The fabric is made from a durable outdoor synthetic knit in vibrant colors, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The chair is foldable, making it easy to store.

The Snooze is a folding director chair with a colourful design and a steel structure. It is a reinterpretation of the Siesta armchair, which was introduced by EMU in the early 1980s. The armrests are adjustable and the chair is easy to move between two positions. Its distinctive mechanism on the armrests allows the user to adjust the chair according to his or her comfort.

The Snooze fully interprets the classic deck chair. Available in different colour versions, it comes with a practical support element that functions as a footrest. The set also includes a small foldable armchair with a funky colour. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors and the view from your balcony or terrace.

Terramare by Chiaramonte/ Marin studio

The Terramare sofa collection by Emu features large dimensions and attractive shapes, making it a comfortable seating option for both indoor and outdoor environments. The sofa frame is made from aluminium and is finished with a durable powder coating. The sofa is available in two sizes and several different fabrics. The fabric is made to mimic the look and feel of indoor fabrics, yet it is both waterproof and fast-drying. This collection also includes tables and lounge chairs.

The Emu Furniture Terramare lounge chair was designed by the studio Chiaramonte/Marin and is available in various finishes. This Italian-made lounge chair features a powder-coated aluminium frame, eco leather seat back and armrests, and is available in five colour combinations.

Inspired by natural surroundings, the Terramare collection has a casual elegance. The wide, welcoming shapes are ideal for creating cosy settings indoors and out. This collection features a complete range of tables, chairs, sofas, and armchairs. Emu’s Terramare Coffee Table is available in a variety of sizes, as well as frame and stone color options.

Cannole by Chiaramonte/ Marin studio

Emu Furniture Cannole is a stylish and timeless collection of seating that features fully welded steel frames and an internal and externally galvanised rib knit seat. The padded seat provides extra comfort, and the modular elements allow for multiple compositions that are easy to assemble. The collection includes a linear module sofa, pouf, and corner module sofa. The cushions are made of polyester fiber resin and polyurethane rubber, and each cushion is packaged in a waterproof polyamide pillowcase.

Emu has over 65 years of experience manufacturing metal furniture. The Yard Series by Diez is a great example of this. Made of aluminium, the Yard Series by Diez features a patented clip that makes the straps disappear into the extruded frame. This allows for a sleek, unified silhouette that sits perfectly in any garden.