Emu Furniture – Cannole and Yard Series by Diez

Emu Furniture

Whether you’re looking for furniture to decorate your home or to make a gift, Emu Furniture offers a wide range of options. From lounge chairs to tables, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs.

Luxor collection

Located in Marsciano, Italy, EMU Furniture produces metal furniture ranging from tables to chairs and chairs to chaise lounges. It is currently the largest producer of outdoor metal furniture in Europe.

The Luxor collection is a sleek and stylish family of furniture that is perfect for outdoor lounging. This particular line features a sleek stainless steel frame that is complimented by a sleek wicker seating collection. The Luxor family is available in square (85 x 85) and rectangular (100 x 60) versions. There are also a few other smaller items such as a coffee-table, an elegant sun lounge with wheels, and a stool that can serve as a seat on its own or next to a coffee table.

The Luxor collection is also a great choice if you are planning to have your guests over. It has a plethora of options to choose from, and features a simple but stylish design that is perfect for any occasion.

EMU Furniture also produces a number of dining sets that are perfect for a patio or poolside. These dining sets are also perfect for an outdoor kitchen, or even an office, and are available in a number of sizes and materials. These dining sets are also great for entertaining, and look fantastic when paired with colorful accessories such as vases and pillows. EMU is also known for its weather resistant furniture that is perfect for any outdoor setting.

EMU’s Luxor collection is the ideal choice for your next outdoor party or barbeque. It’s sleek design will make your guests feel like royalty, and the stainless steel frame will provide years of durable service. Having an outdoor furniture set will help you eliminate the need to run for the car every time you want to eat, drink, and play. The Luxor collection is a great choice for your next outdoor get together, and is also perfect for poolside lounging. The best part is that these sets are available for both residential and commercial use.

Cannole collection

Featuring a welded steel frame, Cannole is designed with outdoor living in mind. The Cannole collection includes a large composition, low table, pouf and low armchair. The Cannole oozes sophistication, and is well suited to both public and private gardens. It is the perfect compliment to your home and garden. Cannole is also a good choice for a business looking to enhance its ambiance with a splash of style and sophistication. The Cannole is made in Italy, and can be shipped anywhere in the world. You can also expect a two year warranty on all products. The Cannole is also a good choice if you are looking to build a swanky new lounge area or enlarge an existing outdoor living space. Cannole can be purchased in multiple configurations, and can be delivered to your door or a street level location.

Yard Series by Diez

Designed by Stefan Diez, Emu Furniture Yard Series by Diez is a collection of contemporary furniture with a strong Italian accent. It has been developed using innovative materials. These include aluminium and stainless steel. The use of these materials is intended to ensure durability and a great appearance. This collection fully meets the requirements of indoor and outdoor use.

The Yard collection consists of an armchair, low and high tables, and sun loungers. These are made with durable materials that will endure a variety of climatic conditions. It features smooth finishes that emphasize the unique build. The Yard collection is available in a wide range of colours. It is made using a lightweight aluminium frame with elastic straps. The back and seat of the chair are also made from elastic straps in two different colours.

The Yard collection has been enhanced in 2015. It features new furniture elements and a complete furnishing system. It is designed to blend into urban spaces. The collection includes a low table, a sun lounger, an armchair, and two large extendible tables. These tables are also available in different sizes. They are designed to accommodate guests and family members alike. They are also easy to transport in and out of the home.

Emu has been designing and manufacturing outdoor furniture for over six decades. Since its introduction, it has sold over eight million pieces worldwide. The company is known for its high-end outdoor furnishings. It has been a leader in its field and has been chosen by many established hotels and restaurants. It also provides a wide range of designs that are suitable for professional use. Its products are designed to provide comfort and elegance to any home. They are available in a variety of colours and sizes.

Emu is also known for its weather-resistant features. The company has developed an innovative technology to insert elastic straps into an extruded frame. The patented clip makes the straps disappear into the frame, resulting in an unmatched silhouette.

EMU is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-end outdoor furniture. It provides comfort and aesthetic appeal to any outdoor living space.

69 years of histogu

Founded in 1951, Emu Furniture has a long history and has been able to make a name for itself in the world of outdoor furniture. It is known for its quality materials and cutting-edge designs. Its outdoor furniture has been designed to complement modern spaces, and its products are perfect for residential and commercial environments. Its furniture is sturdy and durable, and is easy to maintain. It is also a perfect choice for beaches, pools, cruise ships, and other prestigious locations. Its products also have an elegant design aesthetic.

Emu Furniture was founded in 1951 by the Biscarini family, which is well-known for its high-quality products. It uses aluminum and steel to create its contemporary collections. Its design aesthetics feature sinuous lines and bold shapes that represent Emu’s distinctive taste and identity. Its products are available in a wide variety of styles, and it has strong Italian roots. It has a strong calling in the contract market, and it works with famous international designers to develop products. It also controls every phase of production, which gives it unique control over raw materials. It has a new development strategy that has led to a renewed success throughout the world.

Emu’s products are manufactured with advanced technologies and Italian engineering. The company’s craftsmen are highly skilled, and they blend traditional metal work with contemporary design. Their products are designed to last, and they have been tested to support heavy-duty use. They are perfect for residential, commercial, and hotel settings. Emu furniture has also been recognized for its aesthetic appeal. Its designs are simple, yet modern. Its products are designed for ease of maintenance, and it has been shown to last longer than its competitors. Its furniture is also easy to stack.

Emu Furniture is a cutting-edge contemporary design, and it is designed to complement modern spaces. It is made from top-quality materials and is easy to maintain. Its furniture is perfect for residential and commercial settings, and it has a strong Italian heritage.