Emu Furniture – Luxor Collection

Emu Furniture

Whether you are looking for contemporary or classic style furniture, you are bound to find a suitable piece from the Emu Furniture collection. This brand of furniture is known for its elegant designs and exquisite craftsmanship. Its products are made from premium materials, sourced from Italy. The company has collaborated with renowned designers for its Luxor collection.

Made in Italy

Founded in 1951, Emu has been designing and manufacturing outdoor furniture for over 60 years. The company is famous for its innovative and high-quality design. The company produces a range of outdoor and indoor furniture for a variety of spaces.

The company’s main goal is to provide durable, attractive and comfortable furnishings for homes and businesses. Its product lines include tables, chairs, loungers and accessories. The company collaborates with world-class designers to produce contemporary and innovative designs.

EMU’s history of innovation is backed by its commitment to technology, research and development. Today, the company is the largest producer of outdoor metal furniture in Europe. Its facility in Marsciano, Italy, which is near Rome and Florence, covers 70,000 square meters and employs more than 500 people.

The company’s products are available in more than 50 nations. Its products are used in the world’s most luxurious resorts and prestigious hotels. The company’s latest collections feature designs by internationally acclaimed designers. The brand’s advertising campaign is well-known and is featured in all major publications in Europe.

The company’s logo, which is inspired by a union, symbolizes the company’s commitment to the Italian culture and to its outdoor living tradition. It also symbolizes the free-flow of life outdoors.

In the 1990s, Emu made a name for itself as a garden furniture specialist. Its iconic Rio chair has been a major success. The company has also partnered with the Cannes Film Festival and the Swimming World Cup. It has opened 70 Shop-in-Shops throughout Europe.

Its Marsciano plant is dedicated to technological research and guarantees the quality of its furnishings. The plant is continually studying and experimenting with different materials. It employs 150 workers who are committed to producing top-quality furnishings.

In 2010, Emu relaunched. In this time period, the company has sold more than 8 million pieces of furniture. In addition, it has opened 20 new Flag Stores across Italy.

With its extensive production capacity, the company has earned international recognition. The company works with world-class designers and architects to create innovative designs and products that have been chosen by discerning furniture shops.

Made of premium materials

Designed for the garden or patio, EMU outdoor furniture is made to stand the test of time. With its sturdy materials, this line of furniture is designed to withstand even the most severe weather conditions.

In addition to its functional purpose, this collection offers a stylish look to your outdoor space. Not only does it allow you to relax in style, it also helps to make your backyard a true extension of your home. This collection includes a range of different styles and designs to suit your budget and your style. You can pick from a wide selection of dining sets, outdoor lounge chairs, and bar stools. You can also accessorize your outdoor space with plants and lighting.

The Luxor Steel Lounge Wicker EMU Chair is a good example of the classic and modern designs produced by EMU. With its powder coated aluminum frame, it can withstand the elements. Its UV-resistant fabric makes cleaning a breeze. The corresponding seat cushion is UV resistant as well.

It’s not hard to see why this triumvirate has been a hit amongst the garden set connoisseurs. The most impressive aspect of this collection is that it is versatile enough to complement any modern home. It can be used year round, regardless of the weather.

The best part is that you can use this piece of outdoor furniture to help you enjoy the sunshine, and still have a comfortable place to eat. The EMU Athen sofa is a great choice if you are looking for a piece of furniture that is both timeless and versatile. You can sit in it all year long, and it has a deep, comfortable seat.

The fanciest of all, the coupe by Coalesse is the sexiest looking item, but it’s actually a bit more complicated to produce. Its features include sleek lines, high quality materials, and an adaptable design.

Lastly, the Coalesse Davos Bench and Chair, while not exactly the most practical, is a good example of the company’s attention to detail. Its high-end design is complemented by a strong, smooth curve.

Collaboration with renowned designers

Founded in 1951 in Marsciano, Umbria, Emu Furniture is one of the leading manufacturers of metal outdoor furniture in Europe. The company has earned international recognition for its stylish and modern furnishings. It is also known for its research and development in innovative technologies. It has a long history of working with renowned designers. It offers timeless and stylish furnishings for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Emu Collection combines style and comfort. It features a wide range of seating and tables in various materials. It also transitions seamlessly between indoor and outdoor space. The company’s collections include a variety of tables and chairs, including armchairs, chaise lounges, lounge chairs, patio furniture and much more.

EMU’s outdoor furniture is the perfect addition to a pool or beach. It is available in a range of designs that grace the most prestigious resorts and hotels around the world. In addition, it is also suitable for cruise ships.

With a strong commitment to research and development of new products, the company’s premises in Marsciano, Umbria, are known for their distinctive elegance and are home to over 150 workers. The facilities are dedicated to collaboration with some of the best European and international designers.

EMU’s furniture is crafted using the finest Italian craftsmanship. It is durable and has exceptional strength. Moreover, the company controls the entire production process from start to finish. With a vision to enhance the design department, the company has created a Design and Simulation Center to support its technicians and designers.

Since its founding, the company has collaborated with some of the world’s most renowned designers. These collaborations result in astonishing results. These designers create collections for Emu’s furniture lines. They include LucidiPevere, which is the studio of Luca Pevere and Paoli Lucidi. They studied industrial design at the Milan Polytechnic. They later founded their own studio. They work with a variety of companies, including Foscarini, Agape, Zanotta, and more.

The EMU collections are being displayed at the upcoming Spoga and Maison & Objet trade fairs in September. The brand has a thriving contract sector, as well as a successful residential division.

Luxor collection

Featuring clean lines and sharp-edged geometry, the Luxor collection is a perfect match for any style. This collection is made from stainless steel elements and is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. This family of sofas is designed to satisfy any need for comfort. It includes a wide range of furniture including benches, sofas, and pouf/coffee-tables. You can even get a small sofa for two people, which is suitable for poolside lounging. It can also be used as a seat beside a coffee-table.

In addition to the wide range of styles, you can also find the EMU furniture in a variety of materials. These chairs come in an array of colors and finishes. They are also made to be weather-resistant, which means that they can be used outside. These tables are also stackable, making them very versatile.

The Luxor family includes a sun lounge with wheels, a coffee-table that can be used as a side table, and an elegant armchair. It is available in a rectangular (100 x 60) shape and a square (85 x 85). The family also has a stool that is perfect for use beside a coffee-table. This chair is also equipped with large cushions.

In addition to these pieces, you can also choose from a number of dining sets that are available. These sets are made to look great when placed on a porch or patio, and they can be used in the kitchen with colorful accessories. This means that you won’t have to leave your home to enjoy your meals, which is a huge plus!

The EMU furniture company has been established by brothers Aldo and Angelo Biscarini, who were World War II army radio engineers. They also have a machine shop where they manufactured their outdoor furniture, which is known for its durable material and its stylish designs. They are currently the biggest manufacturer of metal outdoor furniture in Europe, and their products are guaranteed to be made in Italy. You can check out their catalog at LuxeDecor. You can also find EMU furniture in several restaurants and hotels in Paris.