Emu Furniture Review

Emu Furniture

Known for its durability and high quality, Emu Furniture is a leading supplier of chairs, tables, and other furniture pieces that are suitable for both commercial and residential applications. Made in Italy, the company was founded in 1951, and the product is available in a variety of materials.

Founded in 1951

Founded in 1951 in Umbria, Italy, Emu is a high-end outdoor furniture company. The firm’s products are designed for both commercial and residential use. Featuring a wide range of seating, tables and accessories, they are built with a focus on comfort and practicality.

The firm has been in business for sixty years and is one of the leading manufacturers of metal outdoor furniture in Europe. Their innovative designs are known for their style and durability. They are sold in over fifty countries.

Since the beginning of the company, Emu has been working with some of the best designers in the world. Their collections have been used in numerous prestigious projects around the globe. These include a hotel in Abu Dhabi, the Louvre in Paris, and Heathrow Airport. They have also been featured in the main international magazines.

Emu’s signature is its high-quality, Italian style. The firm’s metal furniture is crafted by craftsmen who combine tradition with contemporary design. They have the skill and expertise to build products that can withstand even the worst of weather.

The firm’s collections are characterized by smooth finishes that emphasize the unique design and build. They also feature sharp, vivid colors. This is a reflection of the firm’s ongoing research into new materials and processing techniques.

Emu’s product lines include armchairs, sofas, tables and accessories. They are manufactured at the company’s Marsciano plant. The premises cover 70,000 square metres and employ over 150 workers. They are committed to bringing together the finest European and international designers.

The firm’s collections are presented at various trade shows. The new collections will be featured at Spoga and Maison & Objet in September. These products are sought after by some of the finest furniture shops in the world.

Made in Italy

Founded in 1951 in Marsciano, Umbria, Emu is an Italian brand. It is renowned for its high quality outdoor and indoor furniture. Its products are crafted from durable materials and are designed to complement modern living spaces. It also collaborates with some of the world’s most renowned designers. Some of these include Paola Navone, Jean-Marie Massaud, and Arik Levy.

Aside from being one of the largest outdoor furniture companies in the world, Emu is also known for its commitment to craftsmanship. Its production facilities are located in Marsciano, Italy, where it employs over 500 people. Its headquarters are situated in a 70,000 square meter premises.

EMU has produced outside furniture collections for different settings, including patios, gardens, and office buildings. It has also partnered with several international cultural events, including the Cannes Film Festival and the Rome Tennis Tournament. It has even furnished prestigious hotels, including the Hotel dei Dogi in Venice and Granducato in Florence. It has also decorated the Le Saut du Loup restaurant in Paris.

During the 80s and 90s, Emu was known as the leader of the garden furniture industry. This was thanks to its patented and unique coating of metal with plastic. It also incorporated the best technology available to create its metal furniture.

Today, Emu has grown to become one of the biggest outdoor metal furniture manufacturers in Europe. The company has a variety of product lines, including chairs, tables, accessories, and loungers. The company’s latest collections are designed by internationally acclaimed designers. Some of these designs include the Re-Trouve armchair and the Round dining set.

The EMU Advanced Collection, on the other hand, is an impressive outdoor furniture collection that combines aesthetics and functionality. It is made of durable, weather-resistant materials.

Available for commercial and private use

Founded in 1951 in Italy, EMU Furniture is a name you will hear around the world. The company has been designing and manufacturing quality tables and chairs for decades, and the products are highly durable and aesthetically pleasing. With a solid focus on design and function, EMU furniture is a sensible choice for any commercial or residential space.

The company’s most interesting product line is its outdoor living collection. Made of superior materials, these stylish pieces are perfect for your North East climate. Designed by craftsmen, each piece is constructed with a distinctive structure.

The company also produces a variety of indoor restaurant furniture. Several high end hotels have chosen to stock Emu, including the Ritz Carlton in Paris. Located in Marsciano, Italy between Rome and Florence, the company has a history of producing furniture that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

The company has even managed to recycle a large percentage of its consumer waste. Its eco-friendly approach to production also extends to the environment throughout the product’s life cycle.

The company has a wide array of products, from the traditional metal dining table to a contemporary wicker lounge chair. The Luxor steel and wicker lounge chair is a classic example of simple but stylish elegance. This is a great way to enjoy a meal al fresco, or to rest your head after a long day at work.

The Emu Snooze range is also a fine choice for a relaxing Sunday afternoon or during the holiday season. With a variety of colours to choose from, this footrest is sure to please. Its durable materials and clever design make it a standout in the outdoor furniture space.

Available in a wide range of materials

Founded by the Biscarini family in 1951, Emu is a world-renowned Italian outdoor furniture manufacturer. The company’s products are durable, functional, and aesthetically refined. They have been used in prestigious projects around the world.

The Emu facility in Marsciano, Umbria, Italy is home to over 150 workers. It covers over 100,000 square meters and produces over 400,000 articles a year. It also offers research into new materials and production techniques.

With a history of more than 70 years, Emu has established itself as a leader in the working metals for outdoor furniture industry. Its collections have been designed in collaboration with some of the most famous designers in the world. They include Christophe Pillet and Lucidi Pevere.

Today, EMU manufactures a wide variety of indoor and outdoor furniture for prestigious settings. The company is well-known for its award-winning chairs. They come in a variety of materials, including steel and aluminum.

Among the latest collections from Emu are the Thor and Arc en Ciel. The Thor collection features a classic design with a modern color palette. It includes a steel seat and an exclusive 100% FSC teak version.

The Emu Arc en Ciel collection includes folding steel tables and chairs. Its strong structure is made to withstand extreme climatic conditions.

In addition to the outdoor furniture line, Emu also offers dining sets that can be used both indoors and outdoors. They feature a comfortable contour and a die-cast aluminum core. They look great with lush greenery.

In addition to its outdoor furniture, Emu also offers residential and commercial furniture. Its products have been selected by some of the most renowned hotels and resorts in the world.

Durability performance over time

Taking the time to test your furniture’s durability has been made easy with the new EZ-Tread furniture care and maintenance program. The program provides free product replacements as well as a free lifetime product warranty for customers who have proof of purchase. A courtesy service rep will also walk you through the product maintenance process step by step. As with all manufacturers, the best products come from companies who are willing to spend a little time with you.

Emu has a long standing reputation for designing furniture that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The company makes use of environmentally friendly materials in a variety of finishes. In addition to solid woods, they also feature FSC certified teak. Moreover, they have a full service design and manufacturing department. They use the latest technologies and manufacturing methods to create stylish, high quality products that are durable and enduring.

EMU is not short on design, as evidenced by the company’s numerous award-winning collections. Their best-selling Emu Wood collection features beautiful rift-cut, FSC certified teak wood complemented by hand-carved detail enhancing molding and a lacquered finish. The best part about this collection is that all of it is made in the U.S.A.