Home Owner Association Furniture and Aesthetics

Home Owner Association Furniture

If you live in an HOA, there’s a good chance that your neighborhood rules dictate the type of furniture you can display. These restrictions can come in handy, as they help maintain the aesthetic value of your home and community.

If you’re a homeowner who has been subjected to violation of these rules, it’s important to understand what legal recourse you have.


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If you live in a condo or other type of residential community, you may be familiar with the term “homeowners association (HOA) insurance.” This policy provides protection against property damage and liability claims that occur in shared spaces and structures owned by the HOA. Typically, this insurance is purchased by the association as a master policy.

Liability coverage is a very important part of a homeowners association insurance program because it protects associations against third-party claims for bodily injury or property damage that are caused by an occurrence covered by the insurance policy. In general, liability coverage covers a wide variety of situations and may be available on a claims made basis or a continuous basis. Some of the most common areas where liability coverage is used are for personal injuries resulting from auto accidents, property damage arising from a fire or explosion and damage caused by smoke, fumes or chemicals.

Directors and officers liability coverage is another critical component of any homeowners association insurance program, protecting board members against personal liability that is caused by their actions. There are many types of D&O insurance policies and it’s important to choose a policy that provides the maximum coverage possible for a reasonable price. It’s also a good idea to make sure that your D&O insurance policy includes employment practices liability, which can help protect you in the event of an employee injury. Finally, it’s a good idea to purchase equipment breakdown coverage, which can protect you against a malfunction of your mechanical equipment.

Legal Recourse

You’ve just bitten the bullet and bought your first home, so you’re in the mood to decorate. You buy all the best lights, hang up a few inflatable lawn decorations and get ready to show off your new digs to your neighbors. Suddenly, you receive a letter in the mail telling you to take down the aforementioned display or face the ignominy of a fine. Now you’re looking for a way to avoid paying the price for your newfound holiday cheer. If you’re a homeowner association member, the most effective route may be to read up on your organization’s rules and governing documents. This will allow you to understand exactly what is and is not allowed in your neighborhood, while avoiding any legal pitfalls down the road.