Galtech Aluminum Umbrellas


Galtech pool umbrellas were first made popular by California residents and offer style with substance. Boasting patented tilt mechanisms and Sunbrella fabric resistant to mold and mildew growth, Galtech umbrellas combine form with function.

Choose between an aluminum model with an auto-tilt system or wood umbrellas finished with six layers of marine grade varnish for your patio setup. Finally, complete it all off with a compatible base that keeps the umbrella secure even during windy conditions.


Galtech umbrellas provide sun protection in an array of styles, shapes and sizes. Their lift systems include crank, pulley and push pin as well as shade fabrics from crank to fabric choices to shade fabrics with multiple tilt settings of up to 30 degrees with one rotation of their crank handle; perfect for beating outdoor heat no matter if its breezy or sunny!

Galtech umbrellas feature strong aluminum frames designed to withstand both commercial and residential environments. Furthermore, these umbrellas feature a heavyweight base that can hold up to 100 pounds of water or sand for extra stability when not in use – helping prevent it from flying away during windy conditions.

Many umbrellas feature protective canopies crafted with Sunbrella fabric – one of the best outdoor fabrics on the market and highly resistant to water, fading and mildew; its solution dyed fabric resists stains and dirt; in addition, this UV-rated material helps shield you from harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Some umbrellas include wooden or steel poles painted with six layers of marine grade varnish to protect it against rot and insect damage, and may feature interchangeable bases that fit different umbrella pole sizes.

Galtech umbrellas featuring wooden frames offer a more natural aesthetic for those who prefer something with more of an organic touch. Crafted in Indonesia from hardwood and finished with six layers of marine grade varnish to protect from rotting and insect damage, these galtech umbrellas come complete with wooden handles to complete the look.

Galtech also offers cantilever umbrellas which make an excellent addition to both commercial and residential settings. These umbrellas boast a molded resin rib design and numerous lifting mechanisms – including an auto-tilt mechanism – making them the perfect fit for commercial or residential settings alike. Galtech’s cantilever umbrellas come with traditional striped designs which pair nicely with Sunbrella fabrics.