Galtech Umbrellas


Galtech Umbrellas feature state of the art materials, mechanisms and fabrics designed to maximize comfort and functionality. Their aluminum and steel plate umbrellas come with decorative options while their wooden umbrella poles boast six layers of marine grade varnish for extra durability.

These machines are specifically designed for commercial and residential use and come in a range of sizes with different lift methods.

Wooden Frame

Galtech umbrellas are constructed using cutting-edge materials and can be an elegant addition to your backyard furniture. Available in an array of colors and shapes that perfectly complement patio or deck settings, you have your pick of fabric types as well. Some models even feature tilt functions to adjust shade levels accordingly – other features include push-up mechanisms, cranks, durable aluminum frames and convenient push-up mechanisms; Galtech’s 10 ft octagonal market umbrella is suitable for residential settings while their 183 wood umbrella makes an excellent addition for commercial settings.

Galtech umbrellas feature wooden frames coated in six layers of marine grade varnish to protect them from rot and insects while simultaneously increasing their beauty. In addition, Galtech provides various bases suitable for each umbrella model such as European bases, steel plate bases and premium cast aluminum bases in colors like antique bronze for rustic looks or black for contemporary styles – these bases can even be ordered in multiple hues!

Wooden Galtech umbrellas add an air of elegance to any outdoor setting, featuring fade-resistant fabric made with fade-proof materials that withstand sunlight and wind exposure. Select models feature an auto tilt system which enables easy tilting; making sure your umbrella stays at just the right angle for comfortable outdoor seating.

Galtech umbrellas boast stylish designs as well as being available in an extensive variety of sizes and shapes, such as their signature octagonal canopies or round or square frames, with multiple lift systems for easy operation. In particular, Galtech’s cafe and bistro series offers models featuring Sunbrella fabrics which provide casual outdoor settings.

Galtech umbrellas can make an excellent addition to any backyard or patio. Some models even lend themselves well for commercial uses in restaurants and bars – helping keep guests cool as they lounge under the sun!

Aluminum Frame

Galtech Umbrellas are made to endure the elements and remain beautiful year after year, coming in various sizes and shapes to fit any patio furniture set. Boasting modern styling made of state-of-the-art materials that ensure their longevity; Galtech umbrellas also boast innovative features like their auto tilt mechanism as well as stainless steel cables for additional strength.

Galtech aluminum frames are powder coated for long-term use, offering sturdy yet rustproof durability that’s suitable for outdoor settings. Available in an assortment of colors to complement any style, these umbrella poles also come with multiple layers of marine varnish finish to protect them against rot and insects; ideal for both residential and commercial settings.

Galtech also offers aluminum and wooden frames, along with umbrella bases to match each style of decor. European bases come with multiple decors available for selection while steel plate and cast aluminum options feature black finishes to give an eye-catching modern touch. All Galtech bases are heavy-duty enough to support up to 40 pounds of umbrella weight without fail!

Galtech Umbrellas offer tilt technology that enables you to direct shade where the sun is located – perfect for relaxing under its warmth without moving your chair or table around! Additionally, Galtech offers cantilever styles which do not require a central pole and thus make these umbrellas an excellent solution for decks with limited space or tables without central hole fixtures.

Galtech Market Umbrellas feature a patented auto-tilt system and are constructed using only premium fabrics like Sunbrella and Suncrylic that have UV treatment to resist fading, mildew growth and water ingress. They’re great choices for commercial or residential use with five year manufacturer warranties to back them up – providing plenty of shade this summer season while keeping patio areas cool and comfortable!

Sunbrella Fabric

Galtech umbrellas feature Sunbrella fabric, the premier outdoor fabric designed to resist soil, fade and mildew. Cleaning this material requires little more than quick sponging with soapy water or rinseing thoroughly after each cleaning session – simply air dry as soon as you are finished!

Galtech has dedicated 20 years to designing and manufacturing patio umbrellas of superior quality for sale on the market. Their shade products feature innovative materials, mechanisms and fabrics. These include aluminum poles with marine grade varnished wood poles; stainless steel cables; auto tilt mechanisms patented by Galtech; Sunbrella fabrics provide maximum UV protection; durable Suncrylic fabrics offer additional sun protection.

Sunbrella and Suncrylic fabrics are solution dyed acrylic fabrics designed not to fade with normal sun exposure, offering different grade options to ensure that your canopy provides adequate strength and protection. Furthermore, these fabric features make Galtech umbrellas an attractive long-term investment suitable for parks, recreational areas or commercial businesses alike.