Omega Chair Review


The Omega is an expensive gaming chair designed to support your whole body – neck and back included!

Chairs created using cold-curing use an innovative process which creates a hard layer around each piece of foam called foam skin, providing resistance against compression.

Ergonomic Design

The Omega chair‘s ridged edges force your legs closer together for optimal posture support, yet may be less comfortable due to limited leg room. But this shouldn’t be an issue once you become used to tucking your hips into the chair – plus its curved edges provide great legroom with easy tuck-away under armrests should any be necessary!

Secretlab chairs feature generously-padded seats made with foam covered in leather. Although this style doesn’t look quite as sleek and refined as its sleek PU counterpart, this high-quality material still feels cool against your skin when sitting. However, those living in especially humid climates should avoid this as sweat marks may appear and lead to an overall “smeary” look.

One thing that sets the new OMEGA models apart is their addition of a memory foam head and lumbar pillow – something not available with older OMEGA models. It’s an attractive feature and could easily make for a great addition for all gaming chairs.

Adjustability wise, this chair boasts an extensive range that places it among the top performers of its class. Adjustments can often be made without needing a hex key and many controls are within easy reach – some even without leaving your fingertips! Added bonus? Its well-weighted construction ensures it won’t tip even when reclined!

This ergonomic gaming chair may not be budget-friendly, but it makes an excellent addition to anyone looking for a premium seat for work or games. As with the TITAN series, this premium product doesn’t skimp on features and will outlive most other office chairs at its price point. As with the TITAN series, various collaboration colors from popular games like World of Warcraft and League of Legends can be found. However, its height limitations could cause difficulty fitting anyone over 5’11”, plus it doesn’t come equipped with footrest like its counterpart does TITAN does – that means buying it separately may also needing separate purchase.


If you’re serious about gaming, you’ll require a chair that can comfortably support long hours in front of your screen. Ergonomic office chairs may work, but often come at an exorbitant cost and don’t offer the stylish flair many gamers crave. That’s where Secretlab’s Omega gaming chair comes into play; not only is it comfortable but its cool looks and wide customization options will suit most gamers perfectly!

Secretlab’s Omega is not drastically different from its predecessor, yet does feature some improvements to both design and build quality. Most notably, the PU leather has been upgraded so as to be harder and less susceptible to abrasion – still durable but smoother against touch with less likelihood for showing scuff marks than before.

Along with the new PU leather material, the seat also offers wider gaps between its wings that allow you to tuck your legs through and keep knees together – which is better for posture. In comparison, its previous iteration featured concave wings which made sitting cross-legged difficult.

OMEGA CHAIR features an upgraded armrest design with additional padding and easier adjustment capabilities, including tiltable armrests that can be tilted backwards or forwards for personalized gaming comfort. Furthermore, its headrest can also be adjusted at various heights to give a customized gaming experience.

Your Omega CHAIR comes in various colors and designs to meet any style or occasion, including gaming chairs inspired by Overwatch, Dota or World of Warcraft or TV shows like Game of Thrones or Dark Knight. There’s even something available that represents MSI, LCS or DJ Deadmau5.

The OMEGA CHAIR is straightforward to assemble; once you’ve decided on your design and color choices, assembly should take about 30 minutes to complete. Once assembled, its only tricky aspect will be screwing in its casters for proper positioning; otherwise you should be enjoying years of enjoyment from this stylish yet sturdy gaming chair!

Mesh Back and Base

The base is comprised of thick woven mesh that feels sturdy and comfortable while still offering ample air circulation to keep you cool. The seat features cold-cure foam mix cushioning which offers firm support while remaining soft enough for long periods of use. Armrests provide ample cushioning on elbows without being cumbersome when gaming or working; and unlike many PU chairs, its material remains surprisingly cool during warmer weather and doesn’t stick too close or become overheated after extended use.

Secretlab’s Omega Series brings together the best aspects of their previous models into one extremely comfortable chair. Boasting cold-cure foam for both seating and back support, its cold-cure foam remains plush and supportive even after long hours of gaming. Plus, its ridged edges help improve posture support and minimize leg fatigue – all making for an exceptional gaming experience!

Omega’s synchro-tilt control is another great feature, allowing for smooth back and forth movement to find your most comfortable position. This makes adjusting to different positions during gaming or tasks that require different postures easier; just make sure not to tilt too far back or you could end up tipped over!

The Omega is extremely stable despite its large size, thanks to its robust and high-quality construction. The large and sturdy casters easily navigate rough office carpet, while its base has some heft so you won’t tip over even when fully reclined. Furthermore, its slight inward curve on its reinforced aluminum wheelbase gives it more balance and less width for greater stability; plus its light blue hue adds a Dead Space vibe that works equally well in modern offices or gaming rooms alike.

Lumbar Support

OMEGA CHAIR offers more than just reclining to 165 degrees and 4D armrests; its class-4 hydraulic piston base is unrivaled in its class. Designed to support your spine while stabilizing your sacrum, its gentle rocking mechanism lets you relax into every moment and enjoy every experience!

Lumbar support is one of the key aspects to look out for when shopping for an ergonomic gaming chair. This feature should mimic healthy standing posture while you sit, with shoulders back, chest open, and spine tilted slightly forward – something the Omega base helps ensure. You’re then free to focus on work comfortably while doing it!

Omega is equipped with two interchangeable memory foam head pillows and lumbar support pillows made of cold cure foam that provide long-lasting support to both neck and head regions. Plus, both come covered with high quality PU leather covering for durability yet soft comfort!

As with other Secretlab chairs, the OMEGA comes packaged in an expansive box weighing 30KG. However, thanks to large caster wheels which easily navigate office carpets, its transportation can be managed. Inside you’ll find everything necessary to assemble it including instructions, memory foam head pillow and lumbar support as well as any tools necessary for assembly.

Secretlab stands out among competitors by using an innovative business model whereby they manage sales, shipping and warranty directly rather than through resellers. They claim this allows them to provide five year warranties on their products which provides buyers with added peace of mind.

The OMEGA 2020 Series gaming chair is an excellent option for gamers seeking a premium experience. Offering many of the same features as its flagship Titan Evo 2022 Series counterpart, but with additional adjustments that may better meet smaller user and lumbar support needs. Available for sale now at an attractive price from Secretlab – register your interest or purchase directly now.