Italian Chaise Lounges


Modern Italian Chaise Lounges can add both style and comfort to living rooms, lounges or classic and contemporary bedrooms. What’s even better about these Italian designer chairs is they can be configured into different configurations to meet specific spaces.

While sofas are designed for upright sitting, chaise lounge chairs are intended to recline. Their name comes from the French term longue, meaning long chair; English speakers often replace this word with “lounge.”


Your chaise lounge must be constructed of sturdy material that can withstand scratches and stains, yet be comfortable for both you and the amount of time spent sitting on it. Furthermore, ensure it can easily be cleaned as well as fitting into the decor of your living space.

Chaise lounges come in all kinds of materials, from fiberglass and wood to leather and more traditional materials such as wool. Your choice will depend on the style of room as well as personal taste.

If you prefer more contemporary furniture designs, try selecting a lounge chair with a metal base or leather upholstery sofa. Their round shapes add visual interest to any living room decor; some even come equipped with built-in footstools to increase comfort levels further. Furthermore, these pieces come in various colors such as classic black and white as well as brighter options like green and pink to choose from.

A chaise lounge is a long reclining chair that allows users to rest in an inverted half sitting/half lying position, perfect for relaxing and reading as well as watching TV/movies. These lounges can come in any number of styles ranging from classic Victorian to mid-century modern designs and boast intricate carvings or ornamentation as well as more simple designs.

Chaise lounges were traditionally associated with women as a form of restful repose during the day and poolside locations where they could be used as sunbathers. Today, however, they’re popular among men and women of all ages–making chaises an excellent addition to any home.

chaise lounges can be found anywhere from sectional sofas to standalone lounge chairs; however, they’re most commonly seen in smaller spaces where their use can help balance out a small room while offering families a comfortable place for relaxation together. The term chaise is derived from French “chaise longue,” which translates as long chair; English speakers adopted this name due to its similar sound to lounge chair, thus contributing to folk etymology – whereby foreign terms become more easily recognizable through language change.


The contemporary Italian chaise lounge boasts an eye-catching design ideal for modern spaces. Boasting a high back, armrests, and footrest with multiple fabric and color choices available – it makes a statement piece that stands out. A great addition to home libraries or living rooms – or outdoor living areas alike; its sleek lines can accommodate either straight or symmetrical lines; even curves may be an option! The contemporary Italian chaise lounge comes in various styles; straight, symmetrical or even curvy variations are all available – making this piece stand out among its peers when compared with its counterparts – ideal for large spaces like home libraries or living rooms! With multiple styles including straight/symmetrical lines or even curves; perfect for relaxing between reading/watching TV or relaxing and watching/reading/watching/reading material/watching TV! Also perfect choice when considering home libraries or living rooms as a place to read/watch TV/read material/color options that suit various decor themes! –

One of the most coveted styles is tufted leather chaise lounge chairs. Not only are these comfortable yet fashionable pieces great additions to any room in the house, their easy care upholstery makes it simple for cleaning. Furthermore, this chair comes in neutral to vibrant hues making it suitable for any interior design style or color scheme.

For a classic style, opt for a chair featuring intricate carvings on its frame and legs made of wood or fabric upholstered furniture. Such chairs make an elegant addition to any room in your house from bedrooms to offices – great for reading, relaxing and even hosting guests!

Italian chaise lounges come in various types, so finding one suitable to your space can be challenging. One important consideration should be the size of your space: make sure the chaise is large enough to fit comfortably without becoming cramped; smaller and more compact options might work better in smaller rooms.

When purchasing a modern Italian chaise, take care to select one in terms of color and design that complements your existing furniture and decor. Furthermore, its shape should complement the overall style of your room – some chaises feature elegant curves while others can be more simplistic or modern in appearance.


Chaise lounges combine comfort and elegance for a relaxing afternoon nap, perfect for ending a long day. There are numerous styles available to add one into any living area or bedroom, or outdoor living spaces as well.

This luxurious Italian chaise lounge will make a striking statement in any home. Guests will marvel at its graceful form, making your space more engaging. Upholstered in either leather or fabric to suit individual taste, and featuring various color choices. Ideal as either standalone piece or part of a set with other lounge chairs and sofas.

Contrary to its sofa counterpart, chaise lounges are meant for use in a reclining position and make a great place to unwind and read while watching television or socializing with friends.

Luxury Italian Chaise lounges are handcrafted in Italy using high quality leather upholstery and come in various shapes and sizes – some more comfortable than others but each providing equal levels of comfort. At IMAESTRI we have an array of Italian sofas and lounges, from classic designs to contemporary models.

The name of this furniture comes from French word, longue, meaning long chair. English speakers adapted this term into chaise lounge for its more familiar letters – an example of how words change over time using folk etymology.

Le Corbusier’s LC4 chaise lounge has become an icon of furniture design that transcends forms and styles. The tubular chrome frame with an upholstered mattress and foam headrest make up this iconic chair, which remains popular today as an icon of International Style movement and popular in homes all across Italy where skilled craftsmen dedicate themselves to its original form. The Bauhaus2YourHouse LC4 is manufactured using this original design crafted in Italy by skilled craftspeople dedicated to its original purpose.

The design of the LC4 chaise lounge has become synonymous with modernity and sleek lines, making it a must-have in any contemporary house or apartment. Its elegant lines and symmetrical structure makes it easy to fit into any interior design scheme seamlessly; plus its multifunctionality allows it to double as reading chair, daybed, or sleeping couch for quick power naps!