Add Style and Durability to Your Outdoor Spaces With Nardi Furniture

Nardi Furniture

If you’re looking for outdoor furniture that has a designer’s touch but also withstands the elements, Nardi is the perfect choice. Designed by Italian artisan Raffaello Galiotto and produced with years of experience, their loungers, chairs, and tables combine distinctive styling with durability.

Made from 100 per cent recyclable regenerated polypropylene, this stool and table set by Nardi are lightweight yet sturdy enough to lift and transport easily. They also look like traditional timber furniture and are entirely weatherproof.

Made in Italy

Nardi Furniture is a 100-percent Made in Italy outdoor brand that specializes in high-end, resin furniture. The company’s products are designed to add elegance and sophistication to outdoor spaces, and they are built to last a long time.

Nardi’s outdoor furniture is a popular choice for people across the world because of its durability and stylish designs. Its materials are durable and resistant to weathering and fading, and they’re easy to clean and maintain.

The company focuses on quality throughout the entire production process, from selecting raw materials to supply chain control and sustainability standards. This ensures that Nardi’s resin furniture is made to last a long time and remain beautiful, even after years of use.

They also focus on environmentally-friendly manufacturing methods, including advanced air injection moulding. This clean technology produces zero emissions into the environment.

Additionally, the company uses top-quality polypropylene as its primary material for their resin furniture, which is lightweight, durable, and weather-resistant. It’s also a recyclable plastic, meaning that you can recycle it and make it into something new.

Another great thing about Nardi’s resin furniture is that it’s extremely affordable. The company has a large selection of outdoor loungers, chairs, and tables available in different colours and styles to suit every taste.

The Nardi brand is an ambassador for the Italian aesthetic and lifestyle, and its products are designed to evoke this refined look in any home. The company’s outdoor furniture is perfect for creating a luxurious open-air oasis in your backyard that you can enjoy with family and friends.

While there are some reported issues with assembly, the majority of customers are satisfied with their purchase and appreciate that the process is simple and straightforward. It’s important to follow the instructions closely to ensure that your furniture is properly assembled and ready for use.

The Nardi furniture collection is inspired by a lifestyle of sunshine, sharing, and small everyday delights. The cheerful colors and simple shapes of the furniture create a warm and inviting atmosphere that allows you to unwind in the outdoors with friends and loved ones.


Nardi is an internationally acclaimed designer and manufacturer of high-quality outdoor resin furniture. Its collections are designed for relaxation and well-being, and are crafted in an environmentally friendly production chain. Their modern design and wide product range, as well as flexibility and user-friendliness make them ideal for both private gardens and public spaces such as cafes and hotels.

The Italian brand is a leading advocate for the elegant aesthetic of refined European sophistication and strives to help you create an outdoor oasis at home, no matter your location or budget. With a vast selection of lounge furniture essentials, dining tables and more to choose from, you can create a beautiful, relaxing space that you’ll love spending time in.

A strong commitment to sustainability is reflected throughout the entire production cycle at Nardi, from the selection of raw materials and supply-chain control through to ensuring that every product is sourced responsibly. In addition, part of the electricity used in their factories is sourced from solar power, all plastic production waste is reintroduced into the cycle and most of their packaging is made from recycled fibers.

Resin is the core material used by Nardi, a thermoplastic that offers excellent resistance and durability. Its high-performance properties have enabled it to become an extremely successful material for making outdoor furniture, thanks to its elegance and versatility.

Moreover, the company’s manufacturing techniques are environmentally friendly, with a combination of air injection moulding and the use of vacuum technology to avoid releasing emissions into the atmosphere. Its latest production site is in Chiampo, Italy, a small town that uses hybrid injection moulding machines and an air cooling system, allowing products to be cooled without using water or consuming any electricity.

The company’s commitment to sustainability is also reflected in its catalogue of regenerated plastic products, a range that includes the Sipario modular outdoor partition, which received the Green Good Design award in 2020 and 2021. The collection was developed in collaboration with renowned designers such as Raffaello Galiotto and has been featured in many international restaurants, bars and swimming pools.


Nardi Furniture designs and manufactures a variety of outdoor furniture, ranging from tables and chairs to armchairs and stools. The company has a focus on design, quality and sustainability.

Their products are all made with a premium resin, which is lightweight and weatherproof. This is combined with aluminum, glass, synthetic fabrics and padded upholstery to create furniture that is ergonomic, resistant to the elements, and recyclable.

The company is based in Vicenza, Italy, and employs a team of experts to ensure that each piece of Nardi furniture meets the highest standards of design. The company has also won numerous international design awards such as the Adi Design Index, Red Dot Award and Good Design Award.

With an artistic flair, Nardi has a knack for creating versatile furniture that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. These products range from tables and chairs to sun loungers, stools, and sofas that will transform your patio, terrace, or pool deck into an elegant open-air setting.

For instance, the Net collection features an upholstered seating system that can be assembled in different configurations. The Net Relax Armchair, Net Bench and Net Table are all available in a variety of colors including white, anthracite and dove gray.

This outdoor furniture collection is a great choice for restaurants, bars and other hospitality venues. With its simple lines and bright colors, it’s ideal for summer al fresco gatherings.

Another popular option is the Folio rocking chair, which combines style with comfort. Its curved high backrest reclines to two positions for relaxation, while its square legs provide sturdy support. The slatted top is crafted from UV-treated fiberglass resin in shades of bluish tufted.

Designed by Raffaello Galiotto, Nardi’s collections are suited for all environments and lifestyles. These chairs and stools are stackable to save space, easily sanitised and completely recyclable.

With a focus on durability and longevity, Nardi’s products are also water and UV resistant. They are ideal for upscale hotels, beachside resorts, and contemporary diners.

For more options, check out the Komodo collection, which is a modular upholstered seating system that can be arranged in different configurations. The Komodo Modular sofa and the Komodo Relax armchair are both available in a range of colors, including white, anthracite, dove grey and agave. They are backed by plush cushions that add extra comfort.


Nardi Outdoor Furniture is a name that many consumers will recognize, particularly for its comfortable seating and durable materials. This popular Italian brand of furniture is made using materials like aluminum, polypropylene resin and synthetic fabrics that are designed to stand up to the harsh conditions found in many outdoor environments.

The materials that are used by Nardi to produce their outdoor furniture are highly regarded for their durability and strength, especially when compared to other brands of similar furniture. These items are also resistant to fading and cracking. This means that they can last for years to come, and will never lose their luster or beauty.

At Bonavista, we carry a variety of comfortable, durable and attractive Nardi Furniture for your garden or patio space. Our selection includes chairs and sun loungers that are both stylish and durable. These items will look good in any garden and are comfortable enough to use for long periods of time, even when it is hot outside.

For the perfect combination of style and functionality, consider purchasing a piece from Nardi’s Alloro Erica line. This set of dining tables and chairs comes in a mix-and-match configuration, which allows you to customize the furniture to match your style and decor.

You can find these tables and chairs in various colors, and they also come with a two-year warranty. This is an excellent way to ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor space for years to come without worrying about the quality of the products you buy.

Nardi’s Ninfea Relax Stackable Chair and Loto Relax Table offer the best of comfort and style. These items feature a durable resin shell and anodized aluminum legs. They are available in white or charcoal.

Another great option is the Komodo collection, a modular seating system that combines different styles of upholstered furniture. It features a rounded design that allows the modules to be assembled as desired. This system is available in four different colors, including a reversible blue and white, anthracite, dove grey, and agave.

With such a wide range of options, it is easy to find the perfect piece for your outdoor space. With a few simple changes to your space, you can create an outdoor oasis that will provide you with years of relaxation.