Emu Furniture Review

Emu Furniture


Emu Furniture is an Italian furniture company that manufactures modern, elegant furniture. The company has been making fine furniture for over 65 years, and their products are sold in over 1,000 retail locations in more than 85 countries. Emu uses top of the line materials and Italian design processes to create pieces that are both stylish and comfortable. Their unique designs are durable and long-lasting, and they can withstand heavy use. This makes Emu furniture a great choice for both residential and commercial properties.

Emu furniture has a modern, minimalist look that’s not cluttered with too much decoration. Their collections include contemporary lounge chairs, classic outdoor loungers, and stylish tables and benches. These beautiful pieces make any outdoor space look chic and inviting. Emu furniture is also available in a wide range of colours, making it perfect for any home or garden.

Emu furniture has smooth finishes that emphasize the elegance and uniqueness of their furniture. These modern pieces are also weather-resistant, which makes them a perfect choice for the patio, porch, or front yard. They also come with solar-powered LEDs, which make them an excellent option for outdoor living spaces.

Emu’s dock armchair has a clean, technical design that is also elegant and timeless. It is available in many sophisticated color combinations and has an aluminum base. Its backrests are water-repellent. Designed by Sebastian Herkner, Emu’s Dock collection is both stylish and functional.


Comfortable Emu Furniture is crafted using a variety of premium materials and tested for quality control. Its stacked design allows for easy storage in small areas. Available in both indoor and outdoor dining sets, this furniture can help you create a stylish and inviting atmosphere in your restaurant. It is also eco-friendly, as it is made from 30% recycled consumer waste.

Emu is a brand of outdoor furniture based in Italy. They have been in business for 69 years, and their furniture embodies the Italian spirit of outdoor living. The fusion of functionality with aesthetic appeal makes Emu furniture the perfect complement to any contemporary home. The brand has a rich Italian heritage and uses only the best materials. Emu also uses state-of-the-art technologies to manufacture their furniture.

The CH53 Stool is a contemporary classic, and can stand alone or be used in a complementary application. The Coupe collection focuses on strong lines and smooth curves, and the Coalesse design is a modern take on traditional lounge seating. The Emu Heaven seating collection is another standout design, featuring metal mesh hung from solid armatures. It takes a step beyond traditional lounge chairs and is inspired by the art of topiary. Similarly, the Exponents Benches are simple and stylish solutions for extra seating and storage.


Emu is an Italian furniture manufacturing company that produces durable, functional furniture for a wide range of markets. Its designs are popular throughout the world. Its furniture is made of aluminum, steel, wood and wicker. These materials are extremely durable, and they are also stackable, making them a great option for commercial establishments.

Emu’s furniture is made for indoor and outdoor use. Designed with comfort in mind, their durable and functional furniture graces any space in the home with a modern Italian feel. In addition to outdoor dining spaces, Emu offers chairs and tables for the kitchen, porch, front yard, or office.

Designed for high-performance and aesthetics, EMU chairs are comfortable and durable, offering up to 20 years of service. They are also ergonomically designed with thin structural lines. The EMU Darwin collection, for example, features a delicate metal sheet mesh with a contemporary geometric structure. The metal mesh creates a subtle texture effect and blends with structural lines.

Emu’s Ronda chair has long been one of the Emu range’s most popular pieces. Featuring a unique design that makes it ergonomically supportive and comfortable, the Emu Ronda has become a favourite amongst outdoor customers. The honeycomb seat and metal structure adapt to the shape of your body. The metal structure also refracts light and shadow, creating a stunning effect in the garden.


The EMU Advanced Collection is a collection of contemporary outdoor furniture that is comfortable and durable. This range of furniture is suitable for both residential and commercial settings, and is available in a wide range of styles. Each piece of furniture is carefully crafted to be functional, beautiful, and long lasting. If you’re looking for outdoor furniture that will last for years to come, consider the Shine garden armchair designed by Arik Levy.

The EMU brand has been manufacturing garden furniture for more than 70 years. The company’s mission is to create furnishings that are both durable and comfortable, and it has a range of collections for every need. The collections include garden chairs, lounge chairs, folding chairs, and tables. Emu also offers a range of complementary furnishings, such as armchairs and sofas.

The EMU Advanced range offers a range of outdoor furniture that includes tables, lounges, and dining chairs. Its innovative Advanced collection is one of the most popular collections in high-end commercial environments. The company collaborated with Christophe Pillet to create the Round collection, which has become a favourite with architects such as Adam Robinson Design.

Made in Italy

For more than 60 years, Emu has been expressing style through its furniture in the outdoor spaces of our homes. Its furniture combines high-performance metal processing with a surprisingly modern interpretation. The company has collaborated with world-renowned designers, including Jean-Marie Massaud, Christophe Pillet, and Arik Levy. Their design is known worldwide and their advertising has appeared in the most important magazines and newspapers in Europe.

The company’s product lines are extensive and include everything from tables and chairs to loungers and living room sets. These pieces are available in a variety of materials, including teak and wicker. As a result, you can choose the material and color combination that best suits your space.

Emu is an Italian company with headquarters in Marsciano, Umbria. It employs more than 500 workers and covers over 70,000 square metres of factory space. It is committed to researching new materials and production techniques and works closely with leading designers from across the world. This ensures that each piece of furniture has a timeless elegance and functionality.

Emu manufactures its metal furnishings in Marsciano, Italy, a town between Rome and Florence. The company has grown quickly and established itself as an international brand. This expansion has meant that Emu has opened up 20 new Flag Stores in Italy and 70 Shop-in-Shops in Europe. Their products are now sold in more than 50 countries and are used in some of the world’s most exclusive resorts. The company is known for its high-quality products and their ease of maintenance.

The Emu furniture range includes many garden chairs, lounge chairs, and tables. In addition to furniture, Emu also manufactures outdoor accessories like lounge chairs and sofas.