Grosfillex Bahia Chaise

Grosfillex Bahia Chaise

For a robust chaise lounge to relax on, the Grosfillex Bahia Chaise is an excellent option. Its robust construction ensures it will last for years and its easy-to-stack design allows you to store it away when not in use.

This chaise is constructed with commercial-grade resin that resists saltwater, chlorine and common stains. It also boasts rounded edges and a 4-position adjustable back.


Grosfillex Bahia Chaise is made with commercial-grade resin, making it the ideal choice for hotel pools and resorts. It’s resistant to chlorine, salt water and most stains – meaning you can trust it will last years of use in a hospitality setting.

This rugged pool chaise features recessed roll-away wheels for effortless mobility and stacking, plus reinforced slats and frame for extra support. Rated to 300 lbs. with resistance against breakage under static load, its built-in safety guard helps prevent finger injuries caused by accidental falls of the adjustable back.

This chair is perfect for hotels and resorts’ poolside bars or lounge areas. Its sturdy one-piece construction means it can withstand commercial usage, while its UV resistant design prevents fading longer than retail-grade plastic furniture does. Plus, this chair boasts rounded edges and an adjustable 4-position back – a popular choice among our customers which comes in multiple colors.


Grosfillex Bahia Chaise is a reliable chaise lounge ideal for hotels, resorts or poolside bars. The white finish and movable backrest add visual interest while its recessed roll away wheels make transporting and storing easy.

This four-position adjustable back features rounded edges and can be adjusted into a range of positions for personalized comfort. Plus, its longer sleigh glides prevent accidental front tilt while reinforced slats and frame provide extra support.

This commercial plastic resin chaise offers twice the UV degradation resistance of other market chaises. Plus, it’s stackable for quick storage and has an integrated safety guard to prevent finger injuries if its adjustable back falls down accidentally. Furthermore, this chaise meets ASTMF 1988-99 Class B performance standard for commercial outdoor lounging, offering extra wide seats and backs along with spacious armrests – the perfect spot to unwind in style.


Grosfillex Bahia Chaise is a classic commercial resin chaise lounge built to withstand poolside use. With reinforced slats and frame for extra support, this chaise can support up to 300 lbs with ease and has recessed roll away wheels for mobility and storage convenience. Plus, its imperviousness to salt water, chlorine and most common stains plus its resistance to UV degradation twice that of ordinary market chaises ensure years of reliable service.

This 4-position adjustable back with rounded edges is ideal for hotels, resorts, restaurants and HOA communities – particularly pool clubs. It comes in an array of vibrant colors and weather-resistant corn husk cushions to match any decor. Plus it meets ASTM 1988-99 Class B performance standard for commercial outdoor use and comes backed by a commercial warranty so you can have peace of mind that your customers are receiving top quality goods.


Give your guests at your hotel, resort or poolside bar a place to unwind and unwind with the Grosfillex Bahia Chaise. They’ll love taking a quick nap or sipping on some lemonade in style!

This commercial-grade resin chaise lounge is built to resist saltwater, chlorine and most stains while being easy to clean and store. With rounded edges and an adjustable back, the Bahia stacking chaise lounge meets the ASTM F 1988-99 Class B performance standard for commercial outdoor lounging.

It has twice the resistance to UV degradation than standard market chaises, providing protection from fading and discoloring caused by exposure to sunlight for multiple years of use. Furthermore, it features reinforced slats and frame for extra support, longer sleigh glides to prevent front tilting, and recessed roll away wheels for easy mobility and storage. Plus, an integrated safety guard prevents finger injuries in case the adjustable back falls accidentally.