Grosfillex Furniture

Grosfillex Furniture

Whether you are looking for commercial grade resin products, or just furniture for your home, Grosfillex Furniture can help you find the right piece. They offer tables, chaise lounges, and more. They are made in the United States, and they are all designed to be functional.


Founded in 1981, Grosfillex Furniture is a leading manufacturer of commercial grade furniture. It has established a reputation for producing a wide variety of high quality resin products. Its operations are spread across North America, South America, China, Australia, Russia, and France.

Grosfillex is committed to innovation and quality. The company is always looking for new materials and designs to improve the durability of its resin furniture. This includes its tables and chairs. Its chairs and tables are designed to resist damage from the sun, rain, and other outdoor elements. They also contain ultra-violet light stabilizers to protect against discoloration.

Grosfillex’s products are made of polypropylene resin which offers rigidity and moisture resistance. The material is also resistant to salt air and most stains. It has a long lifespan. This means it will last longer than aluminum or wood.

It is also easy to clean. You can remove stains with a mild detergent mixed with water. The furniture can be restored to its original state. If you prefer, you can use a 10% solution of bleach to get rid of stains. The manufacturer’s manual recommends different cleaning solutions for specific products.

The company also produces umbrellas, chaise lounges, restaurant chairs, and bar stools. Its products are backed by a 5-year commercial warranty.

The products are made from recyclable and eco-friendly materials. They are also durable and stylish. These products are ideal for restaurants, cafes, resorts, and country clubs. They come in a variety of colors and sizes.

These products have a variety of styles, including stackable frames that are perfect for restaurants, event venues, and hotels. They are also available in square and round options. They are easy to assemble. You can also customize them to your preference.

In addition to these products, Grosfillex also manufactures poolside furniture and a full line of outdoor patio furniture. Their poolside furniture is made of water-resistant plastic resin. Its poolside chairs and tables are ASTM rated to hold up to 300 pounds of weight.

If you are looking for affordable outdoor furniture, you should consider Grosfillex. They are known for their unique designs and style.

Chaise lounges

Whether you are looking for a poolside chaise lounge or a commercial grade lounger, Grosfillex has a chaise lounge that will fit your needs. They are made of durable, mold resistant materials and feature a wide selection of finishes and colors.

The Grosfillex Sunset Collection is ideal for the poolside, sunroom or outdoor space. Its high quality design features modern elements with superior craftsmanship. Its comfortable one piece PVC fabric slings and discrete recessed wheels make it easy to move.

The Catalina Adjust Sling Chaise Lounge is brand new and ships directly from the manufacturer. It has a woven vinyl coated polyester fabric seat. This fabric resists mildew and fungus, and is UV resistant. It is also durable, so it prevents sagging after prolonged use. Its four-position adjustable back allows for the ideal position for reclining. It is ASTM rated for commercial use and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

The Bahia Chaise Lounge is designed for extreme durability in commercial environments. This time-tested design provides exceptional comfort and is rated to 300 pounds. It has a reinforced frame with built-in safety guards and recessed wheels. It must be ordered in multiples of six.

The 78-inch Long Reclining Chaise Lounge is available in a variety of styles and is perfect for commercial applications. It has a 4-position adjustable back and is rated for a weight capacity of 300 pounds. The lightweight and durable vinyl coated polyester fabric is resistant to breaking under static load. It is backed by a Grosfillex warranty.

The Catalina Patio Adjust Sling Chaise Lounge is an economical option for the outdoors. It features a sanitized mesh fabric, a woven vinyl coated polyester seat, and recessed wheels for easy mobility. It is made of UV-resistant, mold-resistant materials and is suitable for commercial settings. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and passes the ASTM F 1988-99 Class B performance standard.

The Sunset Collection Sling Chaise Lounges are constructed of a performance resin frame. They are a great value, and feature an extra-wide seating surface and discrete recessed wheels for ease of relocation. They are also UV-resistant, so they will not fade when exposed to sunlight. They are available in a variety of colors and have a four-position adjustable back. They are stackable, so they can be used indoors or outside.

Commercial-grade resin products

Unlike ordinary resin furniture, commercial-grade furniture is made from a special resin that can withstand the elements. This material is durable and rust-resistant. It’s also resistant to graffiti.

The best part about the resin furniture is that it’s easy to clean and maintain. You can use general non-abrasive household cleaners to take care of the less serious messes. For more serious stains, you may need to visit a professional for a more comprehensive cleaning.

Another great thing about the resin furniture is that it’s available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. This allows you to easily coordinate the color of the furniture with the color of the surroundings. It’s also a smart choice because it’s built to resist a range of climate changes.

Another reason it’s a good idea to have a resin table is that it’s lightweight. While it’s not as sturdy as wood, it’s still durable enough to withstand a good beating. Plus, it’s a solid surface so it won’t crack or warp.

Another reason it’s a wise investment is because it’s not only resistant to UV rays, but it’s also UV fade-resistant. This means it will stay looking brand new for a long time.

In addition to being resistant to UV rays and sunlight, it’s also very resistant to chlorine. This makes it a top choice for any poolside or outdoor dining area.

The resin table top is a good example of the many different types of materials you can use for your outdoor seating area. They can be used to create a unique and exclusive area for your guests. They’re also light weight and easy to move around.

While the best way to clean your resin table is to simply wipe it off with a cloth or sponge, you can also try a more aggressive approach. You can get rid of a lot of smudges and dirt with a warm water and soap solution.

In addition, you can get some cool effects by painting your resin patio chairs with UV fade inhibitors. This will protect them from the sun’s rays and keep them looking bright and new.

Made in the USA

Whether you are shopping for a patio set, pool furniture or a dining chair, Grosfillex offers a wide selection of high quality, durable and stylish furniture. It is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial grade resin patio furniture in North America.

Its products are designed for use by restaurants, hotels, resorts, sports clubs and other organizations. Its commercial furniture includes outdoor umbrellas, tables, chairs, lounges and fencing. It also has a line of decorative garden planters.

All of the materials used by Grosfillex are durable, low maintenance and recyclable. Its resin products mimic the look of real teakwood. Their UV-stabilized pigments help resist discoloration from sunlight.

In addition, their furniture is designed to last five times longer than aluminum furniture. Moreover, they are backed by a five-year commercial warranty.

Grosfillex’s headquarters are located in Robesonia, Pennsylvania. It is also home to distribution centers in Pennsylvania and Mexico. It services the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

The Grosfillex team is committed to providing consumers with excellent products and service. This dedication has contributed to the company’s worldwide presence.

The company’s commitment to quality and innovation has made them a leader in the resin-based furniture industry. Grosfillex’s team is also dedicated to environmental concerns. They are constantly looking for ways to provide more ecological products.

The Grosfillex Sanibel teakwood stacking armchair combines wood and resin to create a furniture that is durable and elegant. It is commercially rated and features a Rexform synthetic teakwood finish. This chair is UV resistant and provides superior durability.

Its US218414 Essenza red resin side chair has a sleek and stylish design with a back design that is eye-catching. The red color is vibrant and will not fade under the sun. This durable and comfortable seating option is a perfect choice for indoor or outdoor dining.

Stackable frames are another feature of many of Grosfillex’s products. These chairs are ideal for restaurants, hotels, sports clubs and event venues. The Rexform synthetic teakwood finish on the Sanibel teakwood stacking armchair is UV resistant.

Grosfillex offers a variety of outdoor furniture, including tables, chairs, lounges and chaise lounges. They are designed to stand up to harsh weather conditions, ice and snow.