Grosfillex Furniture – Benchmark of Excellence

Grosfillex Furniture

Founded in the Jura Mountain region of France as a wooden tool handle company, Grosfillex Furniture has grown into a global organization with operations in Europe, North America, and China. The company sets a benchmark of excellence with strict criteria for quality at every level.

Commercial resin pool and patio furniture by Grosfillex is a great choice for hotels, resorts, and pools because it is durable, lightweight, and easy to maintain. Plus it comes in a wide range of colors and styles.


The Grosfillex brand is known for their innovative furniture. They have created materials that mimic the look of wicker, metal, and wood using synthetic recycled materials. These materials are not only durable, but they are also environmentally friendly. They use a low energy manufacturing process that produces no emissions.

They have a number of collections that are designed to be timeless. You can mix and match different pieces from the same collection to create a cohesive look in your outdoor space.

These collections feature Rexform, which is an innovative resin composite that replicates the look of teakwood with a textured wood grain finish. The material is extremely durable, colorfast, and easy to maintain. It will not rot, splinter, or gray, and it is backed by a three-year warranty.

Rexform is made with premium resin material that is resistant to common food stains and environmental stains. This material will not trap germs or fungi and is extremely durable, making it perfect for high traffic areas.

Another feature of Rexform is that it is resistant to UV fading and discoloration. This helps ensure that it will last longer than retail-grade plastic furniture.

Its stackable design allows it to be easily stored when not in use. This allows you to get the most out of your outdoor space and enjoy it without the need to constantly clean it.

All of the tables and chairs in the Grosfillex collection have a commercially rated design that will resist UV fading and discoloration for years to come. This means that they will look new for a long time to come and are perfect for restaurants and hotels.

The Sanibel teakwood stacking armchair is an excellent example of how this furniture will look great in your patio or restaurant. This chair is made of Rexform and features a textured wood grain finish that replicates the look of real teakwood. It is also commercially rated for durability and is stackable to help you save space.

This chair is also ASTM rated to 300 pounds, so it is safe for use in both indoor and outdoor seating areas. It is also available with a certificate of compliance, which means that it meets the industry performance standards for commercial-grade plastic furniture.


Grosfillex is a commercial-grade patio furniture manufacturer that is committed to providing the highest quality products. They have been in business for over 30 years and have a solid reputation for innovation and research.

Their products are made from high-quality, copyrighted materials that are incredibly durable and low maintenance. These are also more environmentally friendly than natural materials such as wicker and wood.

This company is famous for its unique product designs that are timeless and stylish. They also produce a variety of different collections, making it easy to find something that fits with your home’s style and decor.

The Victoria Classic bronze mist stacking armchair is a great example of the versatility that this brand has to offer. Its Kevring synthetic metal finish gives it a beautiful look, while the commercially-rated design offers superior durability and stackability.

Its bronze color replicates the appearance of a real metal piece and is UV-resistant, resisting discoloration by the sun longer than retail-grade plastic furniture. This makes it an ideal addition to your outdoor dining area.

These chairs are also lightweight, making them easy to move and transport. This makes them a good choice for restaurants and other businesses that need to move their furniture around frequently.

They are backed by a 3 year manufacturer’s commercial warranty. This means that the furniture will be covered by the manufacturer if it breaks, is not performing as expected, or if any other issues occur.

Other Grosfillex collections include Colombo, Sanibel, and Atlantic. All are designed for outdoor use and have a classic look that is easy to integrate into any space.

This series features contoured backs and is engineered with Kevring resin with wrinkled metal texture finishes. They have 2″ x 2″ legs and come with footpads to protect them from scratches and wear on outdoor surfaces.

These chairs are backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s commercial warranty. This warranty covers the chair frame and the seat. It also protects against cracks and splits caused by excessive moisture or heat.


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Grosfillex Furniture offers a wide range of patio furniture that is durable and long-lasting. Their furniture is made of innovative resin hybrids that mimic the appearance of natural materials without the high maintenance requirements. These materials are colorfast, fade resistant, and do not rot, chip, or splinter. They are also extremely comfortable and lightweight. The brand is dedicated to helping the environment by manufacturing plastic products using less energy than similar products made from other materials.

The Grosfillex Story

A family run, global business based in the Jura mountain region of France delivering resin products designated for commercial and household use – wooden tool handles for home-office, garden sheds, summerhouses, art studios and kids games rooms – Grosfillex Furniture sets an industry benchmark of excellence through its stringent criteria at every level. Their outstanding brand reputation is owed to their commitment to quality, value, innovation and green initiative.

Their bespoke range of PVC manufactured sheds and summerhouses display an impressive appearance whilst offering many features that aid a unique personal escape route outside the home. Their PVC facade design delivers an effortless-to-clean surface that requires no re-painting or conservation duties. Their PVC manufacture is 99% recyclable which delivers near perfect eco credentials to the final product.

They are available in a variety of colors to match the theme of your outdoor space and come in several sizes to fit any type of budget. They are also stain, scratch and burn resistant.

With the ability to be customized with a large variety of mounting kits, they can hang items such as pictures to customize your garden escape or create additional storage in the form of shelving. This makes them a perfect option for any homeowner looking to improve the look of their home with a new addition.

Their angled roof pitch provides a more light and airy feeling to the interior. A nice open apex section to the main roof supports means no steel beams will be obstructed delivering a more spacious and comfortable internal feel.

Another feature that differentiates their apex roof design from those of most plastic shed manufacturers is the absence of a skylight strip embedded into their apex roof ridge. Instead, windows in the doors and integrated windows in the facade deliver an abundance of daylight to the interior.

Sheds within the Grosfillex range exhibit an apex roof structure that enables a wide expanse of floor space to be built-in to accommodate any number of useful services including gardening tools and equipment, sports equipment, swimming requirements etc. The lack of a floor also means these sheds are more suitable for outdoor entertaining as they have plenty of headroom in which to seat friends and family.