Grosfillex Restaurant Furniture

Grosfillex Furniture

Grosfillex Furniture offers a number of restaurant furniture models that are lightweight, durable and easy to clean. They also come with a commercial warranty from the manufacturer and are ideal for restaurants of all sizes and types.

The company, which injection molds its products in Robesonia, Pa., won resin-category awards for a rocking chair and a wicker chair with plastic strands.


Grosfillex is a premier manufacturer of resin-based outdoor patio furniture. They’re known for creating stylish products that are affordable and easy to maintain. They offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor furniture to suit any facility’s needs. Grosfillex is committed to quality, value, and innovation and has been manufacturing their products in North America for over 30 years.

Resin is a great material for restaurant chairs, patio tables and other commercial furniture because it’s sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear of heavy use. It can also withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, wind and snow. It’s also resistant to stains and other environmental elements such as salt, chlorine, and food stains. Grosfillex’s resin is also formulated with UV stabilizers to resist discoloration from the sun.

In addition to resin, Grosfillex has developed a number of other innovative materials that provide durability and style. Their Kevring material replicates the look of cast metal, while their MPC material combines the strength of natural mineral materials with the resilience of resin. These innovative materials are used to make high-quality outdoor patio furniture such as lounge chairs, dining chairs, bar stools, end tables and table bases.

Grosfillex patio furniture is easy to clean and maintain, making it a perfect choice for restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality facilities. They can be wiped down with a damp cloth or sponge to remove dirt and debris. A mild detergent or cleaning solvents such as rubbing alcohol, mineral spirits or acetone can be used to remove tougher stains.

Grosfillex patio tables are available in a variety of styles, patterns and materials to suit any decor or atmosphere. They’re crafted with durable resin that makes them ideal for foodservice settings such as hotel patios and poolside bars. They’re also lightweight and stackable for easy storage. Many of the table tops are crafted with a wood-look veneer for a rich, beautiful appearance that will enhance any dining experience. These tables are constructed of one solid piece of water-resistant plastic resin and can withstand impact and other forces without damage or warping.


Grosfillex Furniture is one of the premier manufacturers in the industry, offering unique design, quality and value. Its unique designs feature products that can mimic the look of natural materials but have all the benefits of resin including durability and weather resistance. The brand also strives to reduce the environmental impact of its operations and manufacturing. Their manufacturing process uses recycled plastic and a low energy system. The company has a long history of providing the Foodservice and Hospitality industries with smart, stylish, strong furniture for indoor and outdoor commercial use.

The outdoor furniture from Grosfillex is designed to stand up against rain, snow, ice, sun and mold. This makes it a great choice for restaurants, hotel pools and country clubs. There is a good chance that you have enjoyed sitting in Grosfillex chairs while visiting hotels, resorts and pool clubs. Their contract commercial furniture is affordable and can stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

A good choice for your patio or pool area is the White Stacking Deck Chair from Grosfillex. This chair is made from a high-quality resin that is resistant to chlorine, salt water, and the sun’s UV rays. The chair features a footrest, three adjustable back settings and stacks easily for storage. The white color will blend with any decor in your outdoor space and complements all Grosfillex sling chaise lounges.

Another option for your patio is the Windmaster umbrella from Grosfillex. This umbrella is durable enough to withstand the elements and will not fade, even after years of exposure to sunlight. It is available in a variety of colors that will match your patio or pool area. There is also a wide selection of table accessories that will go well with your new outdoor furniture from Grosfillex.


Grosfillex offers a wide range of outdoor furniture for your pool, patio or restaurant. Their outdoor furniture is designed to withstand harsh weather elements like ice, snow, sun and rain. The company also has a line of outdoor chairs and chaise lounges that are perfect for public pools, hotels, resorts and country clubs.

The brand is known for incorporating the look of natural products such as wood, wicker and metal into their resin furniture. This allows them to offer a variety of beautiful styles and colors at a lower cost than their natural counterparts. Grosfillex is able to achieve this by using innovative materials and processes. They have also instituted superior quality and safety precautions through ASTM standards for commercial outdoor seating. This is why the furniture that we carry at Resort Contract Furnishings is backed by an outstanding commercial warranty.

Whether you are looking for new lounge chairs by the pool or dining tables for your outside restaurant patio, Grosfillex has a large selection of products that are perfect for any setting. Many of their products are made from durable, fade-resistant resin that will not only last, but will maintain a fine appearance season after season. They have everything you need to add a touch of class to your establishment without breaking the bank.

If you are looking for a stylish, yet functional outdoor chair, check out the Grosfillex Sandstone Resin Miami Low-Back Outdoor Chair. This chair is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, and features a fade-resistant finish. It is easy to clean, and stacks for convenient storage. The seat has an ergonomic design, and it can be adjusted to three different back settings to meet your needs.

Whether you are looking for new pool furniture or outdoor patio furniture for your establishment, Grosfillex has what you need at prices that won’t break the bank. Their resin furniture is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, so you can rest assured that your investment will be well worth it. They have a large selection of colors and designs to choose from, so you can find the perfect match for your business.


Grosfillex Patio Furniture offers a wide range of dining chairs and tables for resorts, hotels, and restaurants. Their products are lightweight, durable, and comfortable. They also come in a variety of styles and colors. Some even feature authentic teak looks for an attractive, contemporary look. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

The company’s commercial restaurant furniture provides an elegant and sophisticated look for outdoor seating areas. Its commercial outdoor furniture line includes chaise lounge chairs, dining tables, low tables, and umbrellas. The company’s furniture is designed for high-traffic areas and can withstand weathering and harsh cleaning chemicals. It’s easy to clean, and many of its pieces are resistant to stains and mildew.

Besides their outdoor furniture, Grosfillex makes a number of other patio and pool furniture pieces. These include stools, bars, and chairs. Their stools have adjustable heights to accommodate different users. Their chairs have backrests and armrests for maximum comfort and versatility. These are ideal for poolside use, as they can be easily moved around to make more room for guests.

Their outdoor table models are great for adding a pop of color to your outdoor space. These tables can be placed around a pool or patio, and they come in several designs to match your existing décor. They are also made to withstand chlorine and salt air, and they are easy to clean.

Grosfillex’s market umbrellas are an excellent addition to any hotel or restaurant. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and they can be easily customized with your business’s logo. Their market umbrellas are made with sturdy wood poles and a weather-resistant canopy fabric that won’t stain or harbor mold.

Grosfillex is an American manufacturer of lightweight and durable commercial grade furniture for hospitality venues, such as resorts, hotels, and restaurants. They have been in business since 1954 and are based in Robesonia, Pennsylvania. The company serves customers throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Its North American operations include manufacturing and distribution centers in Pennsylvania and California. They also offer a warranty on all their products that lasts one to five years.