Hoa Furniture Award Winners in Miami

Miami Hoa Furniture

If you’re looking to splurge on some luxury furniture for your home, Miami is the place to go. With a wide range of high-end furniture brands to choose from, you’re sure to find something that will add a touch of elegance to your living space.

During a recent storm in Miami, patio furniture was blown off of balconies and into the air. It went viral on social media and made local headlines.

Clima Home

Clima Home provides a plethora of luxury outdoor furniture crafted from the finest materials in the world. It is no surprise that Clima Home has landed on the recipient of the best Hoa Furniture award in Miami for several years running. You’ll find a wide array of upscale patio furnishings from the world’s leading manufacturers and an equally impressive collection of high end indoor fixtures as well. Whether it is one of their coveted redesigned designs or a new build you’ve been lusting after, you can count on their team to guide your selection process to the right solution. You’ll be glad you did!

Janus et Cie

Janus et Cie is a luxury lifestyle brand that offers modern furniture with design-forward style. Now part of Haworth Collection, the company has 19 flagship showrooms worldwide and a dedicated team of professionals committed to providing world-class products and service.

The Janus et Cie portfolio includes a wide variety of designs that will help your Miami home or office look sophisticated and refined. They include outdoor lounge chairs, indoor and outdoor dining and seating areas, outdoor sofas and outdoor umbrellas that are designed to withstand elements and perform well in the Florida climate.

For more than 34 years, Janus et Cie has provided elegant solutions for residential, hospitality and corporate, site and retail clients worldwide. They are a leading supplier of indoor and outdoor contract, hospitality and site furnishings with superior product quality and unparalleled sales and marketing support.

In Coral Gables, the brand opened a new flagship showroom at Giralda Place Residences. The 5,000-square-foot space showcases their entire range of distinctive furnishings and performance textiles, along with interior and exterior accessories. This new addition is an ideal complement to their existing showrooms across North America and Australia. They also maintain a dedicated team of experts that are ready to answer any questions you may have.


Sutherland is a co-ed residence hall on The Ingram Commons and offers modern features in a classic building. It houses 180 first-year students in traditional double and triple rooms. It also has a lobby, study area, laundry room, music room, and kitchen.

Miami-Dade police are seeking help to identify a woman who was shot and killed while driving home from a family friend’s house early Valentine’s Day morning. The victim, 26-year-old Brianna Sutherland, is the daughter of a police sergeant.

The Sutherland brand is known for creating luxury outdoor furniture with elegant proportions, flawless craftsmanship, and unbeatable comfort. It works with many world-renowned designers and uses materials that can stand up to climate extremes.

For example, the Sutherland Sideboard is crafted of premium wood and white washed pine for a dramatic effect. It provides plenty of storage for your belongings and will last a lifetime.

Sutherland has also designed phono preamplifiers that are known as some of the best available at any price point. These phono preamplifiers have separate and completely isolated power supply and audio sections, a true dual-mono circuit design, and superior electrostatic and magnetic interference shielding. The 20/20 phono preamplifier is the latest in Sutherland’s history of innovation. It features a unique AC line power supply that is as quiet in operation as battery-powered designs, eliminating the need for batteries altogether.


DIDA Home is a Miami based design and construction firm that specializes in the ‘design-bid-build’ method of doing business. The company has a large network of general contractors that provide a single point of contact to streamline the design and construction process for its clients.

They offer an impressive range of bespoke furniture, lighting and art that’s sure to elevate any interior. The company’s Avenue Road showroom in Miami Beach is a veritable treasure trove of the best that the design world has to offer. The store also happens to be a great place to score some snazzy rugs and accessories.

The best part about this triumvirate of high-end products is the fact that each piece has been handcrafted by some of the world’s finest craftsmen and artisans. As a result, their products are not only eye-catching but are also well built to last. The latest craze in the world of fine furniture is the customisation of existing items for a more personal and unique abode.

This awe inspiring designer penthouse has over 340k worth of gizmos in the form of an innovative design, top-notch materials and cutting-edge technology. The most expensive item in the mix is a wrap-around balcony that boasts some of the best sunset, ocean and intercostal views to be found. It also has one of the most innovative features in a modern home: an automated awning.


The Enne is a well-crafted and upscale looking dining chair that is sure to catch the eye of any guest. The sleek curved arms are a stylish touch while the generously sized seat and back are both upholstered for added comfort. A touch of bling is given in the form of a crisscrossed under frame which adds to the sophistication of this piece. It is also a great way to showcase your personality. The Enne can be purchased from HomePlace Furniture & Design in Portland, Oregon.

The Enne was designed by Romani Saccani Architetti Associati and is available in a variety of typologies and finishes. The top-of-the-line is the Enne Luci AP Light which stands out with a unique opal white or mirror finish that gives it a look of class. It is not to be missed and a must have in any contemporary home. Besides the aforementioned opal white option, there is also a blown glass Enne Luci AP light that embodies the modernist ethos.

The most important thing is to choose the right style for your home and decor so you can be proud of your new addition.


Founded by Christian Liaigre in the 1980s, this design house is known for its minimal style that marries elegance with modest simplicity. Their designs are celebrated for their calming geometry and neutral palettes, but they also offer a variety of textures and finishes to match any setting.

Besides its furniture and lighting, Liaigre offers interior architecture services to help clients create the perfect home. Their interiors are often based on dark woods, leather sofas and a natural color palette.

Their designs are made from high-quality materials, and they entrust the production to skilled craftsmen who know how to work with sand blasted or brushed woods, tanned full grain leather, cast bronze patina, and a range of lacquer styles. The resulting pieces are designed with a great deal of care, and are sure to last for years.

The company’s interior designers are highly experienced, and they strive to make each space feel inviting and comfortable. They’re also careful to consider the environment in which they’ll be working, as well as the client’s lifestyle and needs.

The design team specializes in residential and commercial projects. Their clients include yacht owners, who often have a unique vision of how they’d like to live. The studio’s approach to design is based on experience and emotion rather than visual impact.

Interlude Home

Interlude Home is a contemporary furniture and home accessories collection that was created to provide top-quality products and design. The brand’s designs are influenced by fashion trends and feature sleek and sophisticated silhouettes, luxe textures, mixed materials and a honed neutral palette.

The company’s Coastal Collection of chic contemporary furnishings and textured fabrics is a statement in California cool. The curated selection of white and neutral furniture includes sofas, chairs, accent tables and beds in soft and saturated blues and beiges that make for a stunning coastal retreat.

Creative director Wendy King Philips, who previously worked in the fashion industry, draws inspiration from her travels around the world to find inspiration for her designs. She and her business partner Carl Philips also work with artisans, craftsmen and factories in Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Thailand, India and Europe to bring their vision to life.

As a result, Interlude Home’s new website needed to be image-centric and user-friendly to showcase the company’s finely crafted furniture and accessories. Using Magento 2 and Epicor Prophet 21, we created a clean, modern eCommerce experience that complemented their refined beauty and craftsmanship.