How HOA Furniture Can Enhance Your Community’s Value

Homeowners associations typically charge monthly, quarterly, or annual fees for amenities and services. These vary by community, type of property (town houses versus duplexes), and the HOA’s responsibilities.

For example, many homeowners associations have landscaping regulations that keep landscapes looking consistent overall. They also prevent invasive species or plants from spreading into other yards, which can significantly lower landscape property values.


Commercial-grade HOA Furniture is meant for heavy use, and the standards it meets are much higher than those of residential-use furniture. For instance, manufacturers use scratch-resistant materials and stronger woods in order to extend the lifespan of their products.

Commercial furniture is also tested for durability, stability, and weight-bearing qualities, so that it won’t break under heavy use. This is especially important if residents or guests are sitting on it frequently, which can lead to injury and lawsuits.

Additionally, many commercial-grade brands are environmentally conscious and have certifications for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in their production processes. This can help protect residents and guests from the negative effects of a toxic environment, which is an important consideration for HOAs.

In addition to being aesthetically neutral, commercial-grade HOA furniture is typically made to last. Unlike residential furniture, which is frequently replaced due to trends in decor, commercial-grade furniture often holds up well over time and can be easily recycled when it is worn out.

For example, commercial picnic tables can be made from thermoplastic or steel with a powder-coated finish to withstand heavy use and weather conditions. They can also be painted to match your clubhouse decor and are available in a variety of sizes and frame configurations.

Thermoplastic outdoor furniture is a great choice for HOAs looking to add a little flair to their parks and picnic areas. These benches and tables can be paired with flower filled planters to create a bright and inviting atmosphere.

Whether you are looking for outdoor benches, picnic tables, or other commercial grade outdoor furnishings, Equip, Inc is the company to trust! Our team has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality outdoor furniture that is sure to enhance the appearance and functionality of your property.

Aesthetically Neutral

Most HOAs have strict rules and regulations that can inhibit homeowners from experimenting with the latest in style. Even so, a little tinkering can go a long way to enhancing the property’s value and appeal. A good place to start is with the furniture in your community’s common areas. A well-made set of clubhouse chairs, a classy sofa and a well thought-out lighting scheme are all essential ingredients for a successful and enjoyable social environment. Whether your neighborhood has a boardroom with a nameplate of its own or an old-school sandbox, the right furniture is a sure fire way to improve your property’s bottom line. For more information on the best choices, click here! You won’t be disappointed. Just remember to check out the best HOA furniture for your budget.


The right furniture and a little maintenance can go a long way towards making your HOA community feel like home for years to come. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from. The trick is to be sure you make the best choice. This will not only save you money in the long run, but it will also make your property stand out from the rest of the pack! Whether you’re in the market for a new sofa, dining room table, or poolside bar furniture, we have the products and expertise to get you there. Find out more by visiting our showroom or snooping around our ever-changing online selection.


HOA furniture is often considered to be expensive, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Equip, Inc offers a variety of commercial-grade furniture that will look great in your clubhouse or common area and won’t break the bank. The majority of these pieces are aesthetically neutral, so they won’t distract from your community’s overall aesthetic. They’re also made of materials that will stand up to regular use, such as scratch-resistant woods and metals. This will help them last a long time, and you won’t need to replace them frequently like you would with residential-use furniture.

Your homeowners association has rules and regulations in place to protect your community’s safety and structure, so make sure you read them carefully before purchasing any new furniture for the clubhouse or common areas. The most important rule is to remember that your HOA has the right to remove anything that’s a nuisance in your common areas. This could include a bushel of kids’ toys on your lawn, bicycles or skateboards attached to railings, or loud noises or antisocial behavior.