Miami Outdoor Furniture – Floreana is a Great Place to Enjoy the Outdoors

Miami Outdoor Furniture

Miami is a city known for its year-round tropical climate, meaning plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. It’s also a great place to host outdoor parties with friends and family.

Having the right patio furniture to relax and spend time outside is important for any Miami homeowner, whether you’re entertaining or just enjoying the weather. Fortunately, there are many good outdoor furniture stores in Miami to choose from.

Rolf Wittmer Turismo Galapagos Ltd.

The story of Floreana starts in 1932, when a German family, Heinz and Margret Wittmer, arrived with their teenage son Harry. They were hardy pioneers, building a home near a spring and planting vegetables and fruit trees. They also fished and were occasionally visited by members of scientific expeditions. They were a close-knit family, and Margret wrote a book about their life on Floreana.

In October of 1932 a group of Europeans arrived and things took a very sinister turn. They claimed to be a “Baroness” by the name of Eloise Wagner de Bosquet and brought along her two lovers, Robert Phillippson and Rudolf Lorenz. She and her retinue began to settle in what they thought would be a tropical paradise. They put up a sign that read Hacienda Paradiso and told everyone they were going to build a hotel for millionaires.

They were wrong.

Rolf Wittmer Turismo Galapagos Ltd is an Ecuadorian company that arranges tours to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. They are based in Quito, Ecuador and have their headquarters at Mariscal Foch E7-81, Quito.

They are certified by CYD Certified for Smart Planet(r), which is a program that promotes sustainable tourism. It aims to ensure an economic, socio-cultural and environmental balance, promoting the use of products and services that have positive impact on people and the planet.

Using this certification, they can promote their business and show their commitment to the environment. Its benefits include a high-quality product, compliance with international standards, and the assurance of a healthy and safe environment for employees.

To provide comfortable tour experience, they required outdoor furniture that could withstand the elements. They used Lagoon outdoor furniture from Miami to do so, which passed 2000 hours of UV rays test and had quality certifications of USA and Europe.

Another benefit of using this company for Miami Outdoor Furniture is that it offers a range of furniture options for different spaces and budgets. They can provide a wide selection of outdoor chairs, loungers, dining tables and other furniture to meet the needs of their customers.

They are a well-known company in the industry and offer a variety of tours around Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. The company also runs a live-aboard vessel, the Nortada, which targets specialized diving needs and maximizes the value of live-aboard dive departures.