Nardi Furniture – Durable, Lightweight, and Weatherproof

If you’re looking for comfortable outdoor furniture that is built to last, consider Nardi. Their collection of durable, lightweight, and weatherproof furniture features soft cushions for comfort. They’re also made from recycled materials and can be easily cleaned. You can rest assured that your furniture will look great for years to come.

Made in Italy

Known for its utmost attention to details and constant technological innovations, Nardi offers stylish, durable furniture for your home. Its products are recyclable, aesthetically pleasing and resistant to any weather condition. They also feature stackable constructions and are easy to maintain and sanitize.

The company’s products are designed by award-winning artist and designer Raffaello Galiotto. His work has won numerous international awards, including the Red Dot Design Award and the Adi Design Index. His work has also been recognized by the Good Design Award and the Green Good Design Award.

Nardi also produces a line of outdoor furniture that is both durable and beautiful. The weatherproof nature of the furniture makes it an excellent choice for any outdoor living space. The pieces come in many colours and are UV-resistant. The company also offers a four-year residential warranty and a two-year commercial warranty for its products.

The products are made from 100% recyclable materials. High-grade polypropylene and polyethylene used in the creation of Nardi furniture are eco-friendly, as well as lightweight and durable. They are also resistant to saltwater and atmospheric agents. The company also pays special attention to customer service.

If you are looking for furniture that looks as if it was designed by a contemporary architect, then you should consider choosing one made in Italy. Nardi furniture is renowned for its durable, recycled construction, and sleek design. This type of furniture is perfect for public or private gardens.

Resistant to fading

Nardi furniture is durable and resistant to fading. It comes in a variety of colours and designs. It is easy to clean and stacks for easy storage. It is also resistant to sun and weather damage, making it virtually maintenance-free. This durable furniture is perfect for pools, backyards, and indoor and outdoor entertaining.

The renowned Italian design house Nardi creates a range of outdoor furniture, including lounge chairs and deck chairs. Their products combine innovative design with excellent craftsmanship. Nardi furniture is made for both commercial and domestic settings, and their Doga collection features sculptural lounge chairs and armrests. They also manufacture tables that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Because of its UV-stabilized fabrics, Nardi’s furniture is resistant to fading. These fabrics reflect sunlight’s UVA and UVB rays, making it less susceptible to fading. The furniture is easy to clean and is resistant to staining. The material used for these products is also resistant to mould and bacteria, which can lead to deterioration of outdoor furniture. Nardi’s products also come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty covers defects in the manufacturing process or natural characteristics of the material.

If you’re concerned about the color of your furniture, you can always choose outdoor furniture from Nardi. They specialize in stylish furniture made of durable materials. Their furniture is made of aluminum, glass, and synthetic fabrics, so it can withstand the elements. They are resistant to fading and weather damage, and look great no matter where you choose them.


If you’re on a budget and looking for high-quality furniture, consider comfortable Nardi furniture. Their products are built with sturdy materials and smart designs. What’s more, they’re affordable and come in a variety of styles. You can mix and match pieces for your home, and you can even get tables that are adjustable in height.

The Nardi range also features a range of outdoor furniture. They combine innovation with excellent craftsmanship to make beautiful deck chairs for both commercial and domestic settings. They even offer comfortable seating with armrests. They also make a wide selection of tables and chairs in various colors, including agave and green.

As a family-owned Italian business, Nardi’s outdoor furniture is high-quality and durable. The furniture is made of aluminum and polypropylene. It is also made of sustainable materials and is recyclable. This makes it a good choice for public and private gardens alike. You’re sure to find something you love.

If you’d like to enjoy your time outdoors in your garden, Nardi’s outdoor furniture collection is the perfect solution. It features a table and a set of chairs that can transform your patio into an outdoor living space. The tables and chairs have durable synthetic fabrics and plush vinyl, and the backrests contour to your body for a more comfortable experience.

The company’s whole production process focuses on making environmentally-sustainable products. The company recycles its waste plastic and has even won the Green Good Design Award. In addition, the products are easy to clean and maintain.

Built to last

Nardi furniture is constructed using the highest quality raw materials. Made in Italy, Nardi products are durable and built to last. They come with soft cushions and can be cleaned easily. They are recyclable and have been tested to withstand extreme weather conditions. They are great choices for both private and public gardens.

Nardi has been creating high-quality outdoor furniture for over two decades. They use the finest materials and design to create furniture that is both durable and stylish. Nardi outdoor furniture is highly resistant to the elements and is designed to last for years. They also look great, which makes them a great choice for any backyard or patio.

Founded in Chiampo, Vicenza, Nardi is an Italian manufacturer of outdoor resin furniture. Their products are made with years of experience and feature vibrant colors and sophisticated silhouettes. Nardi also uses environmentally friendly processes to make their products, including using a production chain that is geared towards reducing environmental impact.

Doga is another light and fresh collection that features a lounge chair, armrest-style seat and single-block table. This table’s open design, horizontal staves and voids create an unmatched aesthetic appeal. This collection has introduced unprecedented colors like agave and green to the Nardi portfolio.

Elegant designs

A popular brand of patio furniture, Nardi offers an array of outdoor furniture in elegant designs and colors. Made of high-quality materials, these pieces are comfortable and durable. In addition, they are easy to clean and maintain. What’s more, they are 100% made in Italy, which makes them an environmentally friendly choice.

The company’s philosophy emphasizes the highest standards of quality and ongoing research into aesthetics and technological innovation. The products, which come in both traditional and modern styles, can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings year-round. Nardi furniture is proud to carry numerous international design awards. This includes numerous good design awards, the Red Dot Design Award, and the Good Design Award.

The Nardi name is synonymous with high-quality thermoplastic resin furniture. They also make outdoor furniture, which is a growing market. The brand has honed their craftsmanship by experimenting with various materials and integrating new ones, such as aluminum. Their products are durable and feature modern upholstery and design.

Outdoor furnishings include chairs, sofas, and tables that are suitable for a variety of settings. The outdoor furniture from Nardi combines classic Italian influence with contemporary ease. They are made to last for many years and help create an open air oasis. The company views itself as an ambassador of the elegant Italian aesthetic, making it easy to achieve European sophistication in your own home.