Nardi Furniture Review

Nardi Furniture

Made in Italy

Nardi is a family-run company based in Chiampo, Italy. It has offices, warehouses, and production facilities in the Veneto region. Its products are featured in 115 countries and have won multiple awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, Adi Design Index, and the Good Design Award. Its designs and products are durable and stylish, and are environmentally friendly.

The company produces resin furniture for both residential and commercial environments. Its designs and materials are known for being long-lasting, waterproof, and UV-resistant. They also offer a wide variety of colours and styles to match any home’s style. Whether you’re looking for a sofa, armchair, or coffee table, Nardi has a variety of stylish options available to suit your needs.

The Nardi furniture collection is renowned for its technological innovations, innovative style, and quality. Materials used are recyclable and eco-friendly, while the designs are flexible and timeless. Products by Nardi are also stackable, and many come with adjustable feet for comfort. The collection also includes tables and chairs with removable legs for convenient storage.

The Nardi outdoor furniture is made from durable materials and comes in a wide variety of colors. These pieces of furniture are perfect for the garden, patio, or interior of the home. Because they are made from polypropylene and top-quality thermoplastic resin, they can withstand outdoor exposure and remain bright and comfortable.

Easy to maintain

Nardi offers a range of easy to maintain outdoor furniture. This furniture is made from high quality raw materials and is weatherproof. It also comes with soft cushions for comfort. All the furniture is easily cleanable and can be reused. This makes it an excellent choice for public and private gardens.

Nardi is committed to making environmentally-friendly furniture. They use recycled plastic and high-end polypropylene in their designs and aim to minimise the impact that their products have on the environment. Their furniture is also highly durable and requires minimal maintenance. The company has received several international awards for their products. These awards include the Red Dot Design Award, the Adi Design Index, the Good Design Award, and the Green Good Design Award.

The Italian brand Nardi specializes in creating comfortable, stylish, and high-quality outdoor furniture. Their designs feature contoured backrests for comfort, and they come in a variety of colour and fabric materials. They also offer optional soft cushions for added comfort. Nardi furniture has a long-lasting, weather-resistant construction, and is recyclable.


The quality of Nardi furniture is excellent, and its construction is backed by an impressive warranty. Made from recyclable high-grade polypropylene, Nardi furniture is lightweight, easy to clean and durable. The polypropylene also resists deterioration from weather and sunlight. This means that it is virtually maintenance-free. In addition, Nardi furniture is durable enough to be used in high-use commercial enterprises, such as cruise ships and resort pool decks.

The Nardi Company has been creating premium quality outdoor furniture for over two decades. Based in the Italian town of Chiampo, Nardi is a company with a history of fine craftsmanship. Their products are widely regarded as the ultimate in quality outdoor furniture. While this Italian company is relatively unknown in Australia, it has already become a popular brand for those seeking affordable and stylish outdoor furniture.

Nardi Furniture is known for its durable design and continual technological improvements. Each of their products is made to withstand all types of weather, and many of their products are also recyclable. They are also made from lightweight materials and are foldable and extendable, as well as adjustable.


Nardi is a furniture brand dedicated to making environmentally-friendly products. The company uses recycled plastics and high-quality polypropylene in its manufacturing process. This material is non-toxic and resistant to atmospheric pollutants. Moreover, it is easy to clean and recyclable. In addition to this, each piece of furniture made by Nardi is made from sustainable materials.

Nardi Cardboard Furniture is made from 100% recyclable materials. Its materials are free of formaldehyde and are lightweight and easy to transport. The materials used are also completely biodegradable, making Nardi Furniture completely eco-friendly. Furthermore, Nardi Furniture is available in a wide range of colours.

The furniture is made from a combination of materials, including recyclable plastic, aluminium, and synthetic fabric. Its durable construction makes it an ideal choice for public and private gardens. These materials are also easy to clean and can withstand weather conditions. In addition to being durable and recyclable, Nardi’s pieces can be customized to suit individual needs.

The brand’s outdoor furniture includes a table and chair set. The table is made from UV-stabilized synthetic fabric that resists fading. The chairs, meanwhile, feature plush vinyl upholstery. Their backrests conform to the shape of the body, providing comfort and support to the user.


You can easily update your outdoor living spaces with sleek, Italian-designed Nardi furniture. The furniture is weatherproof, durable, and made from the best materials. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it is also recyclable. The furniture is also easy to clean. There are many different styles and materials to choose from.

From dining tables to chairs, this brand is dedicated to bringing beauty and function to your home. Founded in Chiampo, Italy, Nardi is a leader in producing outdoor resin furniture. Their products are built in an environmentally responsible production chain, and they are also made of recyclable polypropylene fibreglass. The polypropylene fibreglass used for these products makes them strong, durable, and low maintenance.

The Komodo Ombra enclosure from Nardi is available in a two and three-seater version. The Folio outdoor armchair is also available with a fixed base, or in a romantic rocking position. It comes with soft internal cushions and Poggio footrests, and is complemented by a matt-finish aluminium frame. The RIO table, with its slatted top, is another option.

A dining table from Nardi is an elegant way to add a Mediterranean feel to your dining space. Its modern design explores the full potential of each material used to create these tables. They have won numerous international design awards and are suitable for year-round use in outdoor settings.


A contemporary furniture brand, Nardi focuses on producing highly functional and environmentally sustainable products. They constantly analyze their products and look for ways to improve their environmental performance. In 2019, the brand launched a new industrial program that produces recycled plastic products. This project has won several awards, including the Green Good Design award. This award recognizes exemplary examples of sustainable design and innovation. The brand constantly introduces exciting new collections that utilize recycled materials. Each product is carefully designed to be functional, durable, and sanitary.

In addition to providing interior furniture, Nardi also creates garden furniture that is both functional and attractive. Its furniture is durable, weatherproof, and easy to clean. Whether you want to furnish a large space or a small one, the company has a wide variety of styles to fit your needs.

Modern Nardi Furniture is available in many styles and colors. From classic to contemporary, the company specializes in outdoor furniture that is both functional and eye-catching. They are made with high-grade resin materials, so they will be long-lasting. The brand has a large outdoor furniture collection to choose from, including tables, sofas, and even umbrellas.


Whether you are looking for a stylish outdoor dining set or a comfortable lounger to relax on by the pool, you can find affordable Nardi furniture that will match any d├ęcor. Made from weather-proof materials and padded with soft cushions, Nardi furniture is made to last. Moreover, it is recyclable and easy to maintain.

Nardi uses regenerated plastic to make their outdoor furniture, and this eco-friendly process has earned them the Green Good Design Award 2022. Moreover, their commitment to the environment is reflected in the quality of their products. As a result, they are dedicated to producing eco-friendly furniture that will keep our environment clean. For instance, their collection of garden furniture has won numerous awards, and they are proud to make their products environmentally friendly.

Affordable Nardi furniture is made from durable materials and smart designs. You can purchase single pieces or a whole set of different pieces for your home. You can even mix and match different styles to make the total cost of your furniture more affordable.