NARDI Omega Sun Lounger



The luxurious and comfortable NARDI Omega sun lounger is perfect for garden, patio or pool areas. Made of polypropylene with UV additives that is uniformly colored; covered by breathable synthetic fabric (replaceable fabric); featuring back reclining in four positions as well as non-slip feet and small wheels – making this stackable chair easy to move around your outdoor space!

Italian design and manufacturing combine style, comfort and durability into an excellent sunbed that has become widely used by hotels and motels for commercial use as well as many family homes for residential dwelling.

This beautiful lounger features an elegant white frame with beige sling, making it both durable and weather resistant, exuding European-style. With four position reclining backrest – including lay flat functionality – water protection, UV protection and long lasting material ensure durability over time.

Contrasting with cheaper products that can accumulate mold, mildew and moss over time or become brittle and fade in colour quickly, the NARDI Omega Sling Sling’s easy maintenance makes it the ideal choice when it comes to commercial outdoor furniture.

NARDI is an internationally-recognized Italian designer of high-quality resin furniture for outdoor spaces, known for their distinctive modern designs that combine contemporary styling with exceptional durability and practicality. Their chairs, sofas and tables all keep the environment in mind; many have been created with assistance from famed designers like Raffaello Galiotto who has received several international design awards including Green Good Design awards.

NARDI employs eco-friendly production processes and recycled materials in their products to make sure that they are sustainable, and offers a two-year manufacturing warranty to guarantee product integrity.