Emu Furniture – Modern, Cutting Edge Design

The Emu furniture is a modern, cutting edge design crafted from the finest materials. Its performance and durability has surpassed all competitors by tenfold. Its designs and materials are easy to care for and can withstand heavy-duty use. Additionally, the Emu furniture is stackable for easy storage and routine maintenance. Luxor collection The Luxor Collection… Continue reading Emu Furniture – Modern, Cutting Edge Design

Miami Resin Furniture

Miami Resin Furniture is an environmentally friendly alternative to wood and is available in an array of colors and finishes. These pieces are lightweight, durable, batch-dyed, and UV-treated. They are made in Italy using advanced air injection moulding technology, which produces zero emissions. This process works by injecting inert gas into a plastic mass, creating… Continue reading Miami Resin Furniture

HOA Furniture Basics

In residential communities, property owners associations oversee common areas such as pools, playground areas, and patios. By providing the right furniture, these associations can improve residents’ living environments. There are also rules and regulations for holiday decorating and moving furniture. Read on to learn more about HOA furniture and what you can expect from these… Continue reading HOA Furniture Basics

Types of Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture is made specifically for use outdoors. It typically is made of weather-resistant materials, such as aluminum. It can be made of a variety of different materials, from wood to metal. Fabrics and metals are two of the most common types of outdoor furniture. Each type has different pros and cons, and you should… Continue reading Types of Outdoor Furniture

Nardi Furniture – Durable, Lightweight, and Weatherproof

If you’re looking for comfortable outdoor furniture that is built to last, consider Nardi. Their collection of durable, lightweight, and weatherproof furniture features soft cushions for comfort. They’re also made from recycled materials and can be easily cleaned. You can rest assured that your furniture will look great for years to come. Made in Italy… Continue reading Nardi Furniture – Durable, Lightweight, and Weatherproof

Choosing Outdoor Furniture For Your Patio Or Backyard

When you are choosing outdoor furniture for your patio or backyard, it is important to consider a number of factors. These factors can make or break the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. Consider durability, flexibility, color, and aesthetics before you make your final decision. If you want to create a welcoming atmosphere in your… Continue reading Choosing Outdoor Furniture For Your Patio Or Backyard

Home Owner Association Furniture Rules

Home Owner Associations have rules regarding paint colors, holiday decorations, and other aspects of decorating. Whether you are decorating your lanai for Christmas, or incorporating sculptural accents into your yard, you need to know what your HOA rules are. Read this article for tips on decorating within these boundaries. HOA rules for holiday decorations Holiday… Continue reading Home Owner Association Furniture Rules

Grosfillex Furniture – The Leading Manufacturer of Outdoor Resin Furniture

Grosfillex furniture is the leading manufacturer of outdoor commercial resin furniture, offering a wide selection of designs, colors, and models. Their high-quality materials and ASTM-certified safety and quality make them the industry standard. LBO carries a wide range of products made by Grosfillex. Durability Durability is a big factor in choosing Grosfillex furniture for your… Continue reading Grosfillex Furniture – The Leading Manufacturer of Outdoor Resin Furniture