The Importance of HOA Furniture

HOA Furniture

Living in an HOA community typically does not give homeowners much flexibility when it comes to their exterior design. However, it is important to maintain a consistent look to help improve property values.

Homeowners who wish to make changes to their exteriors, such as installing a new fence or painting the walls, must apply for approval from the Architectural Committee (ACC). In addition, they may be required to submit a plan for the change.


Commercial-grade furniture is designed for intensive usage in public spaces and must pass strict safety tests defined by national standards. Often, this includes testing that simulates use by a variety of different weights and sizes. It’s also made with more durable materials than residential-grade furniture, including scratch-resistant materials, stronger woods, and lower gauge metals. These are important because they reduce the wear and tear on the furniture over time.

Commercial-grade pool and patio furniture is usually more expensive than non-commercial furniture, but the higher quality components and craftsmanship may actually save your HOA money in the long run. Moreover, commercial-grade brands are more likely to have a warranty. While some residential-grade furniture is backed by a year-long warranty, commercial-grade products typically come with warranties that span 5 to 10 years. However, make sure to read the fine print of any warranty carefully and ensure it’s specifically for commercial-grade furniture. It’s also a good idea to inspect your clubhouse furniture regularly to ensure it remains in good condition. This way, you can avoid costly repairs and replacements.


As a board or association manager, you will be called upon to enforce your community’s rules and regulations. Whether you’re trying to keep members from using your common areas as a personal gym or snagging a few extra dollars off the monthly dues, you’ll need a plan of action that is scalable and affordable. One way to do this is by offering HOA Furniture as a reward for good behavior and avoiding a costly legal fight should one arise. This will help ensure that your property is maintained for the benefit of all and that no one gets stung. To be successful, your HOA must provide a friendly ear to any member who’s in need of assistance or who is willing to pay for it.


HOA Furniture can seem expensive, but it’s also a good investment that can help your association look professional. Many commercial-grade furniture pieces are made of stronger materials that can stand up to frequent use and abuse over the long run. In addition, manufacturers will often add UV-resistant coatings to their products to avoid fading or damage due to sunlight exposure.

It’s also important to keep up with general exterior appearance rules for your HOA. These include acceptable colors for siding, trim, fence height, and the type of landscaping that’s allowed on common areas. For example, your HOA might prohibit any invasive plants in common areas that could spread and take over other landscapes.

While these rules might sound a bit overly strict, they are designed to protect the overall aesthetic of your community. Your HOA’s governing documents should be clear and coherent, so you know exactly what is and isn’t allowed in the areas where you live.

Keeping up with HOA rules can help prevent property disputes from arising. For example, if someone leaves their bike in a parking lot or leaves their belongings on a pool deck, the HOA may remove it to make the area safer for other residents.

In addition, your HOA might have rules limiting the number of pets you can have in the community and how big they can be. They might also ban smoking in public areas or limit how much noise you can make with a musical instrument or a television set.

These are just a few reasons why you should consider investing in commercial-grade HOA furniture for your association’s clubhouse and common areas. Equip, Inc offers a wide variety of high-quality furniture at affordable price points so you can choose the right items for your community’s needs.