The Nardi Omega Chaise Lounge


NARDI OMEGA CHAISE Nardi stands out among furniture brands by its innovative content and top-quality standards, designed for long-term use with two year manufacturing warranties on each piece. Nardi offers a diverse selection of products as well as designing new designs continuously; their pieces were even awarded the Green Good Design award 2021! Known for producing outdoor furnishings that stand up well against Mother Nature!

This brand employs recycled materials in their designs and manufactures locally. Additionally, batch dyeing helps prevent color from fading during harsh weather conditions or washing away during production processes. Furthermore, anti-UV treatments are implemented during production; this feature helps protect furniture against UV damage as well as cracking or fading in commercial settings.

Nardi was established in Vicenza, Italy in 1990 as a designer and manufacturer of high-quality outdoor furniture. Since then, Nardi has won multiple international awards including the Green Good Design award, while their products combine style and durability to produce furniture suitable for both residential and commercial settings.

Environmentally conscious production methods aside, this company also strives to produce furniture that is both comfortable and easy to keep clean. Their products are constructed using recyclable polypropylene and aluminum that has been treated with UV protective substances in order to make sure they can withstand outdoor elements for long.

Pool Furniture Supply is pleased to offer the Nardi Omega Resin Chaise Lounge without Arms, featuring a tubular recyclable plastic resin frame topped with breathable synthetic fabric that is easily replaceable and comes in various vibrant to neutral hues. Furthermore, the chaise can adjust into four reclining positions for ultimate comfort while being easily stored when not in use.

This commercial pool lounge is ideal for hotels, beachside resorts and contemporary diners. With its higher seat height allowing easier guest entry and exit as well as recessed wheels for smooth mobility around the pool deck – plus, this product comes backed with a two year commercial warranty!